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chicago's chinatown?

it's been many years since i've been there and i'd like to show it to my son(10yrs). it's obviously changed so can anyone tell me what's to see and do there? have a name of a good restaraunt?

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    You should try to take the red line to Chinatown because boys love taking the train...then eat at Won Kow

    2237 S Wentworth Ave

    Chicago, IL 60616

    (312) 842-7500

    ...it's the oldest Chinese restaurant in the city, and the best food in Chinatown. My father grew up in Chinatown when it used to be a half Italian neighborhood and he's been taking me to Won Kow since I could eat solids. I've gotten the hunan beef or chicken every time, it's the best. I still make it a point to eat there once a month. You'll know you're at the right place when you have to walk up a big flight of stairs to get into the restaurant.

    Other than that there are a lot of little bakeries and shops that sell almost identical things, not much else to do or see. There's a store where you can buy real live swords and Chinese stars, right on the main strip on Wentworth on the east side of the street, I'm sure he'll at least want to look around in that one.

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    Go to the shops, lots of little toys, magnets with names on them, that kind of thing. go to a restaurant (I like Three Happiness even if it is a tourist trap).

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    Don't go! especially with a 10 year old. He'll be scared. It sucks there and theres hobos EVERYWHERE.

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