What is the procedure to become chess grandmaster?

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    View the following websites regarding chess.







    During my school days my chess trainer used to say

    repeatedly to always remember these three points.

    1)Develop your pieces at beginning itself,i.e, rook(elephant),horse,bishop ; but avoid as far as possible to bring queen out at beginning itself.

    2)Control the centre of chess board.

    3)Do castling.

    Source(s): A tamil daily recommended these sites
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    First you need to achieve a certain rating, depending on whether you are trying to become a USCF GM or a FIDE GM. Once you have maintained a certain rating (FIDE) for a certain amount of time you earn a FIDE master rating. You then need to play in tournaments where there are at least a certain number of other players with the rank you are trying to reach. The next rank would be International Master, thus you have to defeat a certain amount of IM's in a tournament to receive what is called an IM norm. Once you have received two IM norms, you get voted in by the FIDE committee to become an IM. The process is repeated for the GM level, except you need three GM norms rather than two and the amount of games you need to win is a little higher. After the third GM norm (no easy task!) the committee reviews again and you then are granted GM status.

  • 4 years ago

    The simplest way to improve your chess game is to play chess games, analyze the ones you lose, and while doing this increase your general game knowledge by reading chess books, learning from chess software. You usually want to play at official tournaments, but if you cannot try to play 15 minute games online. When you analyze your games you also usually want to use a strong chess engine to help you analyze and try to have other people help you. The easiest way to improve though is to pay for lessons from a chess grandmaster.

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    i hope u have started playing chess,k well,a well started work is half done,now i come to point,u have to arrange time for playing chess and u have to browse previous GMs details,do n't thing u r playing just u think u r living with the game,1st thing u just thing ur opposite person movement,depends upon this only ur movement will b valuble,because eventhough u move good movement,but ur opposite player doesn't move good step means thats bad decision of u,so just u think it mind,daily u have to play with different persons.because u play daily with same person means ur knowledge will not extern,timing move is an important thing & also power,do n't give a chance to lose ur power coins.best of luck.god bless u with ur mother,1st word follows u till end with u,u r the GM.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Simple. beat the current chess grandmaster. how to do it you will have to figure out.

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    You need three GM norms recognized by FIDE. For more information check the link provided.

  • 1 decade ago

    by playing chess properly

  • 1 decade ago

    You should be quiet intelligent and clever. You should use your mind in a full manner .Make the oppose team confused and use your queen the most.

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    from the fact that you posted such a question on yahoo answers, you dont have brains to become a chess grandmaster, so look for other avenues.

  • 1 decade ago

    By playing it properly if you

    have a BRAIN!

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