Please suggest a name for a baby boy, what is it meaning if possible?

My sister-in-law gave birth to a baby boy.

we are searching for a name which makes a good meaning when it is added to his fathers name.

Fathers name ie Abdur Rahim.

__________ Abdur Rahim.

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    Brother, Congratulations to you and to your whole family, may this Boy becomes a Good Muslim-ameen, :)

    You must have gone through many sites but the site m posting is really out standing. You will find nice names here and you can tell your sister these many names, so she can chooose with its meaning.

    takecare :) ~!

  • Lots.

    Try Ahmad, my name :P

    Or Muhammad, that would be like so common but it's a good name.

    How about...

    Yusuf bin Abdur Rahim?

    Yusuf is a name of a Prophet mentioned in the Qur'an.


    Your name means "Slave of the Most Merciful," so..

    I would try the names of the Messengers.

    Hope that helps.

    Brothers and sisters, I once saw one of you guys giving a link to a Muslim names website?

    Could you give this to him, I'm sure it would help him.

    edit: yay, you guys are awesome!

  • Ahmad bin Abdur Raheem

    that'll mean "The Praised son of the Friend/Servent of the Most Merciful"

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    5 years ago

    Aravind Ravi Ramachandra Rajagopal

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    1 decade ago

    Muhammad Sarim

  • Mintee
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    1 decade ago

    Khalid =means everlasting

    Abdul Aziz = means the servant of Allah ( call him Aziz for short) (Aziz means powerful and loved

    Aymen = Fearless lucky

    Dani= near, close

    Faisel= decisive

    Rayhan= flower or sweet smelling spice (also the name of the spice basil in arabic)

    Talal= nice, admirable

    Tariq= the name of a star

    Zaki= pure

    these are a few of my favs...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    OMG! kareem (kind) would go so well;

    Kareem Abdur Rahim

  • Lamya
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    1 decade ago


    Masha Allah, Congrats to your sis,(you too "uncle", lol)...

    My favourite names include: Ibrahim, Adam, AbdurRahman(Slave of the Merciful), Hassan, AbduSalam(Slave of the Peaceful)..etc..All the best in finding a suitable name..

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    ABDULLAH is the best name which Allah likes the most,it means "servant of Allah"...actually my hubby wantd to give our son tht namebut i had already thought of another name AMMAAR,it is the name of the companion of prophet(pbuh),which means "longlived,one who prays and fasts longer,pious"then after mutual understanding we decided AMMAAR ABDULLAH ,but later on my hubby said we'll finalise only AMMAAR and we'll name Abdullah to nxt one insha allah....Now Alhamdulillah Ammaar is gona turn 1yr old this feb 28 insha allah.

    Edit: i would also want to mention if u keeping Allah's names then add ABD in the beginning,..while calling him also dont use short like for ABDURRAZZAK....some may calll razzzak ,thats wrong coz its ALLAH who is please be careful abstain calling ppl,Rahman,Razzak etc instead calll Abdurrahman, Abdurrazzak..

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