Advice? Information? Any Information you could give me would help me out greatly! Citzenship? Is this duable?.

I was wondering if a baby could possibly have three citzenships? One in Canada from the father, One in American from the mother and one in the Netherlands if the baby was to be born there? Or American from the mother and father and born in the Netherlands? The reason is because I would like the baby to also have the same citzenship as the godparents incase something was to happen to the parents. Can you tell me how long they would be able to keep three citzenships as well? Hopefully, for the baby's entire life. Should the mother be legally married to the father or should the mother in this case be single? Is there any extra cost after the cost of the plane and the food? I want to do a home birth which would mean I would get my last check-up before flying. Is it safe for the mother to fly at 9 monthsish? What is the minimum length of time a baby should wait before flying? Is it safe to have a couple days old baby fly on a plane back to America or Canada with the parents? Any advice!??!.


Thank you greatly to the two people who gave me answers. Thank you to the second person for links and a lot of information on it. I read the links and I read the website on it. It is very helpful and can help me a lot. Also thank you for the quick responses to my question. I was lucky to get extermely quick responses and a long in depth answer. Thanks!

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    Okay, ready for this?

    1.) Since you are American, your child will automatically have American citizenship. You will need to file a Counsular Report of a Birth Abroad, and apply for a passport at the Embassy. Your child can only enter the US on their US passport.

    2.) If the babys father is Canadian, then your baby will also be Canadian. The father will have to file paperwork with the Canadian Embassy (report of a birth abroad, and for passport). Your child can only enter Canada on their Canadian passport. If your babys father was also born outside of Canada, then your child will have to re-confirm it's Canadian citizenship by the age of 28.

    3.) Dutch nationality law is based primarily on the principle of Jus sanguinis. In other words, citizenship is conferred primarily by birth to a Dutch parent, irrespective of place of birth. Children born in the Netherlands to foreign parents do not acquire Dutch citizenship at birth.

    4.) All airlines make up their own rules and regulations regarding pregnant women. Some do not restrict travel at all, no matter what stage of pregnancy a women is in, and others start to restrict at 7 months, although the majority restrict around 36 weeks.

    It is the last four weeks (once you reach the 9th month - 36 weeks) that women are usually prohibited from flying. This is because after 36 weeks, a women can go into labor at any time, and the airplane is not made to handle such situations. For one, there is no guarantee that a doctor will be on board a plane, plus, should any complications arise during the labor and delivery, the plane does not have the medical equipment to handle such situations and it could put the health of the mother and child in danger.

    Having traveled internationally while pregnant (all three pregnancies) myself, I wrote an article about traveling while pregnant. It gives more in-depth information if you'd like to reference it:

    5.) As long as your child has had a check-up with the doctor and everything is fine, you are safe to travel with your child almost immediately after birth. Most airlines require that a baby be at least 7 days old, unless you have a medical certificate, so you are fine.

    I've been flying internationally and domestically with my children since they were 2 months (now 8&6 and baby number 3 was born 23 December). At least three trips a year are the children and I traveling internationally (14+ hours each way) alone. In addition to that, we do another 8-10 international and domestic flights a year as a family. I have never had any problems with my children on any of the flights. I wrote a small article about flying with children that goes more in-depth, gives security rules and regulations for the US, EU, UK, and Australia, offers tips and tricks for the travel, etc.

    If I can be of any more help or assistance, feel free to contact me.

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