How can you get rid of stretch marks that are already white?

Im 19 now and my skin color is white. i have them on my boobs, hips, and thighs. is there any way they can disappear without having surgery. they are already white.. please help. do men care about stretch marks?

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    * Skin Creams and Lotions – Lotions containing cocoa butter are rumored to not only help reduce stretch marks, but to help prevent them entirely. Any cream or oil that is made specifically for the prevention or treatment of stretch marks will help keep your skin healthy and elastic.

    * Vitamin A, E & C – Supplementing these vitamins may help increase the strength and elasticity of the collagen within your skin and reducing your chance of forming stretch marks.

    * Stay hydrated.

    # Time – Stretch marks, like all types of scarring fade over time.

    # Retin-A (Tretinoin) – 0.1% Tretinoin creams have been shown to significantly reduce the appearance of stretch marks. These creams work best when used on fresh stretch marks. (do not use this is you are currently pregnant though)

    # Exfoliate daily – use a loofah or scrunchy to remove daily.

    # Stretch Mark Creams and Lotions – Using creams and lotions that heal and beautify your skin can reduce the appearance of stretch marks. The following ingredients are widely accepted as beneficial for this purpose:

    * Cocoa butter

    * Rose hip oil

    * Emu oil

    * Jojoba oil

    * Castor oil

    * Shea butter

    * Vitamin A, E & C

    # Vic’s Vapor Rub – Many people have reported success using Vic’s Vapor rub by applying it to a washcloth or paper towel and rubbing it forcefully into the scarred skin on a nightly basis for a few weeks.

    # Increase Circulation – by taking hot baths and massaging the areas regularly.

    # Tanning – Go sunbathing! Tanning can diminish and even eliminate minor stretch marks. Be sure to use sun screen.

    # Vitamin E Gel – Break open vitamin E capsules and rub the oil into the skin over the stretch marks daily for 2 weeks.

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    Remove Stretch Marks

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    I don't know if they will ever completely go away, but they may get smaller and less noticeable. I just had a child two years ago and still have stretch marks, but they are getting smaller and fading a bit. I have found that lotions with vitamin E and skin firming lotions seem to speed it up a bit. I'm thinking about trying something made for scars to see if it helps any. Let me know if you find anything good. =)

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    One day my friend was experimenting with some deoderant... she said that she rubbed some deoderant on some of her stretch marks and she couldn't notice them. I also heard one time that it works to cover up cellulite. LOL... i'm not really sure but it's worth the try. And stretch marks happen for all kinds of reasons... they are just a part of life. IF a BOY has a problem with stretch marks then he'll be really surprised when he gets old and that's all he sees.... Then he'll be a man... cuz real men know that it's just a part of life.

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    Nothing will get rid of stretch marks. They fade, but never disappear.

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    nothing gets rid of stretch marks. they'll fade. and everybody has them.. even men... seriously

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