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SHIVA asked in HealthMental Health · 1 decade ago

is it ok to cry all alone when you are depressed and dont want any body to share your pain?

it will be a help or it will be more painful


delhite you made me laugh...

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thanks my fruit punch.

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    i read this doha in class 7... i cant recall the words.. but its by KABEER JEE...

    when he says kee apni man kee vyatha(the pain of ur hart) best kept hidden in there.. cause all the ppl out thr will surely listen to it and yes u will feel comforted..but they in real will not help u and infact u will be turned into a laughing stock sooner or later....

    i m jst too confused actually.. sometimes i jst cant control my feelings and i really feel nice tlkn to sm1... but what i think ,is keeping it in your heart actually corrodes you from within..its like eating yourself..and u turn then start feeling disgusted of your ownself... u knw wat.. if u are angry.. take a pencil..break it.. and still if your anger or depression doesnt go away ..take the strongest pen u hv and break it... sing tht harshest song..then go online ask ur friend to listen to what u say... tell him everythng...

    but it is real diff. to find tht prsn u wish to tell ur stuff... in my case i recently was betrayed by sme of the ppl i trusted the most..but now luckily i realise tht the few whoch hv stood by are my real pals...

    dnt keeep it hidden.. vent it out.... keeping it hidden will be painful cause u already hv a pain which is added on by the pain of the fact tht there is absolutely noone to understand the magnitude of the pain u are undergoing...

    Source(s): if u really are sad... u may share your tlks with me... pls dnt keep it in your heart... pls dnt corrode yourself.. :)
  • Jyoti
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    4 years ago

    My friend, I understand why you so depressed, but don't feel shame because it's not your fault. The past has gone and it's time you look for your future. You can blame your parents that they don't give you the chance to continue your study; nevertheless, they did give you the chance to live and be mature. You are now an adult and no longer a child who always depends for the parents. You can make up your mind now to work or to take a degree. I have a lot of friends in my university SIM are around 24-27, there are no limit for study. One of my friend she was born in 1975, she has a son that is 9 yrs old already, but she still study very well and manage to take part in many social activities. We all really admire her. It's sure nothing is too late until you give up. Everyone is welcome and appreciated for their attempt. There is also another way of your life as well. You can still go to work without a degree. You know that not every sucessful businessman has a degree when they start their careers. A certificate can make your life easier, but it absolutely not everything. Don't let it be the brick on your way and shadow your confidence. And finally, think of your baby, you are a mother now and you understand how to be a parents. They never want to hurt you but they can't always do the right things. Tolerate, sympathise them and free yourself as well. The way is under your feet, be a good pattern who are brave and confident enough to face the challenges for your beloved baby. Looking forward to hearing your good news.

  • Rishi
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    1 decade ago

    some time its ok but if u share with some body whats going on u may be able to get some idea or help from other person.

    they also say if u tell some body about your pain u fell better and feel less suffering and know you are not alone some body is there to help u.

  • Boothe
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    4 years ago

    cry depressed dont body share pain

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  • kezia
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    1 decade ago

    well personally speaking,i think we should never be alone when we adds more pain.we keep on hurting ourselves too much.our self esteem is destroyed in such a situation.its always advisable to share our sorrows with someone we trust to reduce the pain in our hearts and feel a little relaxed.the more we put the burden in our hearts and minds the more shattered we become.and it becomes difficult to come out of that i guess i told my point.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    sometimes you should have a friend to help you with it all but sometimes a person just has to be alone to deal with the pain. And never hold back the tears crying is sometimes the beat way to deal with your pain.

  • 1 decade ago

    depends on reason of crying. emotionally it is better to have someone to cry on/around..etc., but mentally--sometimes it is better to be alone due to a person trying to comprehend there own emotions. Being alone is more painful---in a manner! I know of being alone. But for me--I don't approve of sharing my emotions; even though it is necessary! Hope this helps a bit!

  • 1 decade ago

    ok or not, it happens. To stew in your depression and hold your pain tightly isn't going to do you any good, it will only reinforce the depression. Much better to talk out your issues with a therapist or a minister, or someone you trust to keep your issues private.

    Source(s): RN
  • 1 decade ago

    It's not good to be alone on that moment,but some times you feel like to be alone and cry,so when you need one should do it,It makes your heart lighter.Have a nice evening.

  • 1 decade ago

    It's really best to be with somebody, so you can talk and get over the mood. But sometimes a person just needs to be alone and get it all out and then try and get yourself out and among friends. Good luck to you.

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