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Which is the cheapest phone with 3G and Wi-fi in india?

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Best Answer
There is no need for a 3G phone. 3G won't hit India until 2010 or later, and even if it does, it will be damn expensive!

But there is light at the end of the tunnel.
There is software that will enable you to browse the internet on your mobile with wi-fi using your pc's Internet.

If you have wifi...Its great news cause you can get extremely fast internet (like TATA Plug to Surf, or Reliance USB Modem, or mabe even BSNL).

For example (NB: JUST AN EXAMPLE):
I'll buy a wifi enabled phone and wifi usb adapter, so that I can access internet from my desktop (with modem and bought wifi usb), to my laptop (wifi enabled), onto my ps3 (wifi enabled) and onto my phone (wifi enabled). And all of this with just some software, and a wifi usb (and/or wifi devices of your choice).

Pretty cool eh! Your own home network

The wifi usb is around RS 500 (I'm new to India and am not sure) and the mobile I recomend is LG CL 400. Its coming soon. and should be cheap as it has wifi but no 3G.
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  • Elle L answered 7 years ago
    Nokia has a wide range of 3G enabled phones that are cheap. Having phones WiFi enabled is another story. don't expect to find ones that go cheap. maybe you can but it will be refurbished or second hand.
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  • Gedget Guru answered 7 years ago
    Nokia E51 is cheapest Phone in 3G and Wi Fi features. Please check herewith source online for more about features, reviews and comments.


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  • Aks answered 7 years ago
    Dude there is no use of having a "3G" handset because Indian networks operate on a frequency of 2.5G and not "3G" and you won't be able to use "3G" features in any Indian networks !!!!!
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  • which is the cheapest phone with 3G and Wi-fi in india?
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