What is load load factor and diversity factor? What is the significance and what should be its value?

What is load shedding ? (For Power transmission & Distribution)

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    Load factor (electrical) is the average power divided by the peak power over a period of time.n the electricity industry, load factor is a measure of the output of a power plant compared to the maximum output it could produce.

    The two commonest definitions are:

    * the ratio of average load to capacity

    * the ratio of average load to peak load in a period.

    Assuming the first definition, a higher load factor is better:

    * A power plant may be less efficient at low load factors.

    * A high load factor means fixed costs are spread over more kWh of output.

    * A high load factor means greater total output.

    Therefore a higher load factor usually means more output and a lower cost per unit, which means an electricity generator can sell more electricity at a higher spark spread.

    Diversity factor: The ratio of sum of the individual non-coincident maximum demands of various subdivisions of the system to the maximum demand of the complete system. The diversity factor is always less than or equal to 1. The (unofficial) term diversity, as distinguished from diversity factor refers to the percent of time available that a machine, piece of equipment, or facility has its maximum or nominal load or demand (i.e., a 70% diversity means that the device in question operates at its nominal or maximum load level 70% of the time that it is connected and turned on).

    Diversity factor is commonly used for a number of mathematics related topics. One such instance is when completing a coordination study for a system. This diversity factor is used to estimate the load of a particular node in the system.

    Diversity Factor = Sum of Individual Max. Demands


    Max. Demand on Power Station

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    Diversity Factor

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    Load Factor

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    load factor

    the ratio of the average or actual amount of some quantity and the maximum possible or permissible.

    always less than 1.

    Diversity factor is the ratio of the sum of the individual maximum demands of the various subdivisions of a system (or part of a system) to the maximum demand of the whole system (or part of the system) under consideration

    greater than 1.

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    Load factor is defined as the ratio of Average load to maximum demand during a given period.It can be calculated for a single day,for a month or for an year.Its value is always less than one.B'coz maximum demand is always more than avg.demand.It is used for determining the overall cost per unit generated.Higer the load factor,lesser will be the cost per unit.

    Diversity factor-Ratio of sum of individual maximum demands to the maximum demand on Power station.

    Its value is always greater than one.(since the sum of individual max. demands >Max.Demand)Greater the diversity factor,lesser is the cost of generation of power.

    Load shedding means shedding/off of load during high load conditions.That is mainly during peak hours.At this time almost all consumers are using electrical power.So to reduce the usage of power,load shedding is done compulsary.

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    What is load load factor and diversity factor? What is the significance and what should be its value?

    What is load shedding ? (For Power transmission & Distribution)

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    Load Factor

    Actual output of a plant over a period of time


    Output which should have been as per the full capacity

    of the plant over the same period of time

    This is always equal to or less than 1

    Diversity Factor

    sum of the individual maximum demand of the various

    divisions / subdivisions / areas of the system or plant


    maximum demand of the complete system

    This may be +1

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    I think the diversity factor is always greater than or equal to 1.

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    diversity factor is used in sizing of electrical panels, switchgears , cables

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