C or C++ or Vb or vb.net or java or python?

I am a beginner(a teen).I wanted to devlop professional softwares in 90 days(like 10 mb game or bittorent or dvd playe or ripper or winrar).I can work hard really for it.

Suggest me the programming language I should use?along with begginer guide or beginner ebook source.

thnxxxxxx in advance.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hi.you can go for VB6 as you are beginner.It provides visual interface and even can go for vb.net 2005 which provides much more functionality than vb6 and easy to learn.

    If you want to make some system application or embedded s/w you can choose C/C++. it doesn't provide graphical interface but very powerful.

    you will find books from





    All the best ...

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  • 3 years ago

    you ought to study all 3, yet VB.internet isn't an excellent one to commence with, because it teaches non-widely used programming thoughts. in case you study a language like Java or C++ particularly properly, then you truly must have not a lot worry getting to understand further languages afterwards. VisualBasic, even if, makes use of very strange syntax that is not modern-day in different known programming languages. So certain, i could concur with others who pronounced you ought to study Java first, because it is the most versatile and versatile language, yet to boot teaches solid programming habit and criteria. the first language I realized become C++ at the same time as i become 13 and that worked out effective, even if it become slightly not ordinary to carry close the severe OOP factors of Java at first. Do it any incorrect way round and also you'll become an excellent C++ programmer in a lengthy time period.

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  • 1 decade ago

    you can go with vb.net incase if you are doing application programs

    you can go with c++ or c in case if you are intrested in developing system side applications

    go to

    www.ebooksboard.com to download various kinds of ebooks

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