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Whats Better? Windows XP or Windows Vista?

im wondering whats better. im starting to dis-like windows vista. its becoming slow on a dual core 4 gb pc......!

So i need to know, Whats Better Vista or XP!

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    better for what?

    it really depends on what you use your computer for. I personally prefer windows vista to XP.

    Unlike some people, I actually use both XP and Vista, and find using and finding folders and files, etc in vista much easier than it ever was in XP.

    Also, remember, performance is dependent on hardware


    Once again, people provide not really educated and researched answers.

    All those features that people say makes vista bad (UAC popups, the aero theme, etc) can be TURNED OFF.

    But then again, people who don't have a copy of vista or research just spout out (fake) info

    Source(s): vista owner for over 9 months- no problems so far
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    Hi there....XP is better for an upgrade and forget Vista. Vista is XP with some security features that you, can do without, at this time. Before long, Microsoft will be coming out with another version of Windows, called Windows 8. At this time, there are still some problems with Vista that Microsoft is working to resolve. So, for the money and a current Windows, I would recommend XP.

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    XP runs faster on the same hardware than Vista does. But Vista is more secure and includes more features (plus XP will be obsolete in a few years). I prefer a multi-boot configuration with both XP and Vista.

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    i like vista because of it's gaming but right now vista has to many bugs sometimes that because people don't have the right hardware but some people don't want to upgrade just for vista go with xp because it can play just about all the games out their and when service pack 3 is out for it from what i heard it will be faster and will use less ram but really it's your chose

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    Go onto youtube, and search "Windows Vista Rant" and "Vista vs XP"

    That shows all the terrible flaws in Vista.

    It really is horrid compared to XP.

    Source(s): Vista Owner :(
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    I like XP better than Vista by far, but I prefer Macs anyways

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    I didn't use vista until now. But I heard a lot of complaining regarding Vista.. Including it's run very slow, eat up more disc space...etc..

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    I very much like XP better. Vista looks pretty but it is ridiculous!

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    XP is better , Vista is not complete

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    Yeah. Well, i just bought a new laptop with Vista. It's great

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