Mahabharat-why Duryodhan /Sakuni decided 12 years exile and one year unidentified exile.what was the basis?

behind that

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    In that Yuga it was believed that, if one left one's property for thirteen years, one would forgo that, once for all. It was fourteen years in Rama's Yuga, hence Rama was exiled for fourteen years. In Pandavas case, Kauravas exiled them for thirteen years, in which one year was to be spent in incognito, and if they were caught and identified in that particular year, they had to spend another twelve years in exile and one year in incognito.

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    After vastra haran, Dhritarashtra who realised that this incident would be the cause of the destruction of his race, for once acted with wisdom and courage. He called Draupadi to his side and attempted to soothe her with words of gentleness and affection.

    Dhritarashtra gave three boons to Draupadi. By asking only two boons all were freed from slavery. She did not ask the third boon.

    After Yudhishthira and his brothers had departed, there was a long and angry discussion in the palace of the Kauravas. Incited by Duhsasana, Sakuni and others.

    Duryodhana upbraided his father with having frustrated their well-laid plans on the very threshold of success.

    Duryodhana quoted Brihaspati's aphorism to his father that no device could be considered wrong which had as its object the destruction of formidable enemies.

    He spoke in detail on the prowess of the Pandavas and expressed his conviction that the only hope of overcoming the Pandavas lay in guile and taking advantage of their pride and sense of honor. Duryodhana convinced his father that the dice can be rolled one more time.

    Mahabharata, Book 2, Chapter 66:

    17 punar dīvyāma bhadram te vanavāsāya pāndavaih

    evam etān vaśe kartum śaksyāmo bharatarsabha

    'We will again gamble with the son of Pandu for sending them to exile. O bull among men, we are competent to bring them thus under our sway.'

    18 "te vā dvādaśa varsāni vayam vā dyūtanirjitāh

    praviśema mahāranyam ajinaih prativāsitāh

    19 trayodaśam ca sajane ajñātāh parivatsaram

    jñātāś ca punar anyāni vane varsāni dvādaśa"

    20 nivasema vayam te vā tathā dyūtam pravartatām

    aksān uptvā punardyūtam idam dīvyantu pāndavāh

    21 etat krtyatamam rājann asmākam bharatarsabha

    ayam hi śakunir veda savidyām aksasampadam"

    'Dressed in skins, either we or they defeated at dice, shall repair to the woods for twelve years. The thirteenth year shall have to be spent in some inhabited country unrecognised; and, if recognised, an exile for another twelve years shall be the consequence. Either we or they shall live so.

    Let the play begin, casting the dice, let the sons of Pandu once more play. O bull of the Bharata race, O king, even this is our highest duty. This Sakuni knoweth well the whole science of dice.'

    --------------------- --------------------- -------------------- --------------------

    22 "drdhamūlā vayam rājye mitrāni parigrhya ca

    sāravad vipulam sainyam satkrtya ca durāsadam

    23 te ca trayodaśe varse pārayisyanti ced vratam

    jesyāmas tān vayam rājan rocatām te paramtapa"

    Even if they succeed in observing this vow for thirteen years, we shall be in the meantime firmly rooted in the kingdom and making alliances, assemble a vast invincible host and keep them content, so that we shall, O king, defeat the sons of Pandu if they reappear. Let this plan recommend itself to thee, O slayer of foes."

    --------------------- --------------------- -------------------- --------------------


    The number 12 is associated very much in time measurement.

    Most calendar systems have twelve months in a year.

    The zodiac has twelve signs.

    There are twenty-four hours in a day in all, with twelve hours for a half a day.

    Furthermore, the basic units of time (60 seconds, 60 minutes, 24 hours) can all perfectly divide by twelve. Tamil years are numbered 60, a multiple of 12.

    Guru (jupiter) takes 12 years time to go around sun. So it takes 12 years to complete 12 twelve zodiac signs.

    Maha (great) Kumbha Mela is celebrated at Prayag once in 12 years.

    WHEN Jupiter transits in Simha and Makha star occurring in the month when Sun is in Kumbhaas per Nirayana System, "Mamangam" is celebrated. This comes once in 12 years.

    Pandavas had exile for 12 years and unrecognised exile for 12 months!

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    When u r a looser then the winner will dictate the terms and that is what happened in mahabharat.

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    I thought Gurkha destroyed the land with one of the Vimanas...

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    Baseless... Just fairy tales for the children to sleep.

    No authenticity found in this world of the Mahabharata everhappened.

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