Come one come all anime fans?!?

HI! *waves enthusiastically* How are YOU? No... scratch that.. that's NOT my question.... XD This is a semi-random question... *gestures* SEMI. 'kay? Good....

You are innocently slurping your favorite beverage and listening to your iPod/mp3 player at a dairy farm. You have been on a long exhausting trek through the rain, scanning orchards and orchards of rug trees, looking for that PERFECT rug... so you decided to stop for some cheese.

You are sitting with your drink and your cheese and your iPod and your umbrella and your rug when SUDDENLY...

Your least favorite anime character appears hauling what appears to be a giant wagon of apples. They look at you, and suddenly start hurling the apples at you!

What do you do?

What item of yours will you use to defeat them?

Um... sorry for this...

Anime Q- What anime characters like apples? ^_^


Pyro did the same thing, Wingz!... ella ella ella... XD

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    Hi to you, too~!

    *waves back enthusiastically*

    For the record, I'm an anime LOVER, not an anime fan...^^

    *reads on*

    SEMI, eh? Well, that'll do for now.

    *reads on*

    Drinking mango juice, listening to Mom's iPod, and at my friend's dairy farm.


    I did that before! O.o

    *reads on*

    ...*gasp* OROCHIMARU!

    What the helck are you doing here???

    *angry face*...*gets out tools and grins*

    Well, well. Orochimaru going to get PWNED!

    *series of mechanical sounds so please stand by*

    HAHA! Meet the new and improved...

    Super music powered rugged mango-shooting laser umbrella made out of CHEESE and SUSHI~!


    Where did the sushi come from? Who knows...

    *hits Orochimaru in the head*

    *makes Orochimaru's ears go boom*

    *rubs rug in Orochimaru's face*

    *chokes Orochimaru with mango*

    *zaps Orochimaru*

    *eats sushi*

    *drowns Orochimaru in cheese 'cause he's lactose intolerant*



    Anime Q-


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    First I'd dodge the apples and then spill the drink all over bobobo and throw cheese at him. Then I'll laugh at him hysterically. After that, I'd beat him up more and kill him. .

    Anime Q- well I guess Ryuk from Deathnote. He's funny for a deathgod lol.

    It would be weird to see bobobo hauling with a wagon full of apples. Why would he be in a farm in the first place? That's what I like about anime fans. They all have a roaming imagination. Which is good.

  • Uhhh...I'm going for the combo!! >.<

    I'll throw the rug at her to distract her, and then I'll pop open my giant umbrella (ella, ella, ella~), and shield myself while moving closer to her and eventually, upon reaching her, shove the cheese in her face!! >:D

    I figure that's a good waste of cheese :3

    Anime Q: ....Ryuk? And if you were an anime character, I figure you'd be one too >.>

  • 1 decade ago

    HI!!!!!!!!*waves back*

    I'm fine!!


    that's not the question..?




    When Orochimaru finds me yet again (Sakura is milking the cows so yeah. Just Orochimaru this time...XD) and throws apples at me, I'll put my stuff in a safe place, take a bite at my cheese, but I'll keep the umbrella... And then I'll grab apples and "eat" them and munch and crush them in my mouth...

    Then I'll shield myself with the umbrella (which hopefully, will stand the apples) until I'm close enough...

    Then I'll show him the crushed apples in my mouth...

    In short I'll gross him out to death...

    Sorry...heehee... I'm in THIS mood today...


    Anime Q...

    Ryuk from DeathNote...

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  • Yay!~ my fave beverage! Milk and it's fresh from the dairy farm too!!! *slurp slurp* ...semi skimmed milk? ohhh... semi-random ^^ more random!!! Cheese cheese yay! :D

    Bwahahahaha!~ eat melons Bobobo!!! *catapults a gigantic melon and it gets stuck in his afro* >=D

    ...and for the apples flying towards me... *get's out a pokeypokeball* I choose you! Ryuk go! *Ryuk runs excitedly with his squiggly legs and chomps all the apples, while throwing melons at Bobobo's face*

    Anime Q~ lol! that's my secret defense mechanism!!! muhahahaha!~ Go Ryuk go!!! *pokes* :D

    Cuppy cakes!~ :3

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    Gah! How does Orochimaru keep finding me?!

    First I'd catch whatever apples in my mouth and eat as much of them as I can. Then when I'm supercharced with apples, I pull out my prettyful katana and use my super speed to cut every single apple he throws at me until he has none left. Then he tries to lick me with his sick tongue *gross* and I cut it and his arms and legs off. Now that he is defenseless, I shove all the pieces of apples all over the ground down his throat. That'll teach you to waste apples!!

    Anime Q- RYUK!!!!

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    1 decade ago

    Hi! I'm GOOD! Oh wait... that wasn't the Q?

    Cheese! <3

    Me: O_O *unfoldes Umbrella* Hope the apples don't break it... Or else he's gonna pay!!! D=<

    Haha, Nice Belle, good job incorperating Umbrella's into this! ^^

    Anime Q: ME! Oh wait... Not an anime char... Um.. Ryuk!

    [Edit] Argh! Another urge to listen to that song >_<

  • 1 decade ago

    Hiten Mitsugi style, Umbrella attack!

    Ryuk is the one that likes apples.

  • 1 decade ago

    I Would Fly Away On My Magic Flying Carpet!

    I Have No Idea. Maybe Ringo From Tokyo Mew Mew! :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'll hit him with my super umbrella and then stare at him and eat an apple with staring and staring -.-

    Anime Q- Ryuk from Death Note

    Source(s): (\_/) (O.o) Copy The Bunny Into Your Sig (> <) Help Him Achieve World Domination...
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