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Tattoo ideas--pelvic area-maybe stars?

hi i really want a few tattoos but i thought i would start with one in the pelvic area----i was thinking a big star--but i think that will look to random---it needs more any ideas? thnks


yeah i get what every one is saying----but stars is the only thing when im 50 i wont mind still having!

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    If stars is something you really want, then go for it. Yes, a lot of people have stars, but still, those who say "stars are out now" are those who look at tattoos as trends and get stars last year and covered them this year with a tribal butterfly, y'know? There are many ways to make it unique for you. You could make them a constellation that means something to you, you could put letters or numbers in the middle of each star to represent the people you love, just brainstorm!

    If you decide that stars are not the way to go then just do the footwork and give it time. Go to tattoo studios and look through artist portfolios. Go to your local bookstore and geek out on all the art books and astronomy books or anything that inspires you. Brainstorm on books and poems and anything else that is special to you. That should get you started, and you can always take your partially formed ideas to a good tattoo artist whose style you dig, and create something together that will be perfect for you.

    Good luck!

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    Tattoo Ideas With Stars

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    omg everybody has a tattoo on the pelvic area..when i see girls with stars done there it maes me think theygot it just becuz it looked cute and it didnt mean anything..tattoos is suppose to have meanings and mean something.. not because its trendy and fashionable and cute

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    Something that has meaning to you, that's my only idea. Because the only thing I will tattoo on my body is something that holds meaning. And you want something that EVERYONE already has? (stars)

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  • Leah
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    I have a tattoo of my baby's date of birth in that area. you can get something pretty like flowers or butterflies

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    this isnt really a "pelvic" tatoo but its on the stomach and I think its really cool

  • Anonymous
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    have a collection of stars like on the image above i really like that

    and its rihanna in the photo

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    everyone has stars. get something that means something to you

  • tribal art but,, instead of regular tribal design,, make the design with nothing but skulls..

    but if you want something dainty, then a tribal design with roses and thorns protruding.

  • no stars!! everyone has stars!!! USE WHAT MATTERS TO YOU

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