Does not agreeing with homosexuality automatically make you homophobic?

It's almost the end of the semester and this guy named Eduardo in my psychology class asked to borrow my notes for finals and stuff so I let him. I usually don't click with straight guys very well but he and I are kind of cool now. We consider each other friends over two weeks of studying together and stuff. I'm openly gay and he knows it. But he doesn't agree with homosexuality, but I respect his position on it. I have plenty of friends who do things that I don't agree with, but I don't let it come between us. Anyways, Eduardo may not agree with homosexuality, but he's still nice to me, he's not ashamed to introduce me to his friends and girlfriend(all of which know I'm gay too. And best of all, he doesn't try to change me. However, my gay friend Julian hates everybody that doesn't agree with homosexuality, including some of his own relatives. He thinks I'm a fool for being friends with a "homophobe" and I'm bound to get hurt soon. So, would you consider my new friend homophobic?


And do you think my gay friend Julian is overeacting? I can settle for acceptance of gays/lesbians, that doesn't mean I think people have to actually LIKE it. But Julian considers anyone who doesn't like homosexuality a homophobe.

Update 2:

Paco, my friend thinks homosexuality is wrong because it was meant to be "man and woman" not "man and man". But he respects my lifestyle so I respect his opinion. He doesn't judge me and I don't judge him.

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    To be honest he is homophobic but it is not affecting you then be friends with him. If he steps out of line then end that frienship. I hang out with people all the time who I don't agree with what they do and I just suck it up when that happens. As long as it is not a big deal stay friends with him.

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    I think I agree with you. I am straight, and have zero temptation to be anything but straight. On the other hand, I can't see any harm in homosexuality, and I figure that sexual orientation is each individual's private business. I don't "like" homosexuality, nor "dislike" it. It just is. I think your friend may be a bit defensive because so many people are so knee-jerk hateful about gays and can be pretty hurtful.

    Carry on, man!

  • Paco
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    I'm just curious what you mean by "doesn't agree with homosexuality". Does that mean he thinks it doesn't exist? Does he think it's a mental disease (the official position 35 years ago)? Does he think it's a sin? Does that mean he never wants to do anything gay? Does it mean that he doesn't want homosexuals teaching his children? Does it mean that he is against gays having rights of inheritance or marriage? Or does it simply mean that he is uncomfortable if he is the straight guy in a room full of gays?

    A lot of people are uncomfortable if they are the only one of the ethnicity in a room full of people. That doesn't make them racist. If your friend is comfortable with you, then maybe he will grow comfortable being in a room full of your gay friends someday.

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    Unfortunately you cannot agree or disagree with homosexuality because becoming homosexual is not a choice that people can make. He may not understand homosexuality and maybe you need to make him understand, by explaining how hard it can be to be homosexual, and how it is a long process of secrets, loneliness and fear, and that no one would want to choose that life, and it is people like him who keep sexual orientation an issue. And to properly answer your question, no he is not homophobic, he is ignorant, and needs to be informed.

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    bound to get hurt? how? does Eduardo have a history of hurting gay people? if not, then why does your gay "friend" think he's going to hurt you?

    anyway, you already know the answer to your question so i'm not sure why you're asking. seeing as how Eduardo has a FRIEND who's gay, how can he be homophobic?

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    What's not to agree with? I guess I can't put myself in that situation as my friends are perfectly fine with me being gay and don't make judgements about it. Would I consider him homophobic? I don't think he fears gays and lesbians so no.

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    My storm spotting partner is a fairly conservative Republican and I'm sure he doesn't "agree" with homosexuality -- though that doesn't preclude us from spotting together.

    I know Texas roads like the back of my hand. For all intents and practical purposes, I can't get lost in the state of Texas.

    He has an advanced degree in meteorology. He depends on me to get us to the storms and to keep us out of the direct path of storms. I depend on him to know what the conditions are like which will develop severe storms.

    We must be doing something right: I'm sponsoring his kids in Confirmation and his wife has offered to prepare the reception when my partner and I (eventually) have our commitment ceremony.

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    I actually have a gay cousin, i admire him very lots and settle for him for who he's, and that i unquestionably do no longer concern him... That suggested, we does no longer have a lot of an argument with homos, yet you adult males insist on posting this crap 24 hours an afternoon... and each time I swap on my television, i'm going to possibly be bombarded with homo content textile and/or homo propaganda... no person is extremely bothering the homos, the homos are bothering us... it is not sufficient which you would be able to stay your life freely, no, you will desire to be recognised for the perverse life type you have chosen, we would desire to make you experience particular... stay your life, end attempting to cajole me that being a homo is universal, it is not... Gays would desire to by no potential improve little ones! That of course is going against nature and/or God... bypass suck some dick, yet keep it to your self, pervert...

  • Anonymous
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    there are many degrees of disagreeing with homosexuality or anything else for that matter.

    Many people would not want to engage in it but are cool with other who do.

    Some are kind fo freaked abotu it but tend to keep their opinions to themselves or within topical discussions without personally putting anyone else down.

    Then we progress from there to people who not only disagree but are very vocal in denouncing the activity.

    which of course leads us to those who hate anyone who does it regardless of anything.

    And that can apply to homosexuality, race, religion, or playing tiddly winks. Though I must say I have not heard anyone use the bible to put down tiddly winks - hehe.

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    No of course not if he were to be homophobic then he wont hang out wit u but since he still is hanging out with you he is not homophobic

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