plz computer has a problem my recent documents is empty i have opened more then 20 files .?

i have also ticked the option in the start menu properties the box saying "List my most recently opened documents",but it has no effect on the recent documents ,plz i request u 2 give a solution but plz i dont want to edit registry of my pc.

i will give 10 pts to best solution.

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    1 decade ago
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    Windows XP has this information in memory, but it does not display it by default anymore. Here’s how to get access to the recent documents list:

    1. Open Windows Explorer (if you don’t know how, use the shortcut keys combination “Window” + “E”)

    2. Click on Local Disc (C:)

    3. Select Documents and Settings

    4. Select your user

    5. Click on Tools on the menu bar, then select Folder Options

    6. In the new window, select View

    7. In this new list, look for the option “show hidden files and folders” and check it, then press OK

    8. In your current folder, now you’ll see a new option called My Recent Documents. Double click on it, and you’ll see your recent documents list.

    9. If you want to find it easier, you can assign a shortcut for it on your Desktop (Right click on My Recent Documents, choose Send to, choose Desktop (create shortcut).

    That’s all. Enjoy!

  • tgtips
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    1 decade ago


    Microsoft has an excellent article explaining why that happens and how to fix it yourself with easy step by step guides.

    I recommend you read it:



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    4 years ago

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