What chemicals are required in chromatographic process in pharma industry?

also would like to know which are the indian companies who manufacture and market these chemicals.


HPLC seems nearest to the need. which are the chemicals required in HPLC and who are the indian manufacturers.

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    u know chromatography is of many types


    2)thin layer


    4)high performance liquid chromatography(HPLC)

    5)high performance thin layer chromatography(HPTLC)

    thin layer chromatography require silica gel(activated)--acts as stationary phase, a mobile phase (ethanol:ethyl acetate:n-hexane) and compound which u like to perform chromatography.

    similar to paper chromatography

    but HPLC which is costlier and widely used in industries require more chemicals, because entire process is paked in a single unit and this also comptises of a karl isher titration unit so that much chemicals are requird.

    generally or simple chromatographic process the above mentioned chemicals are sufficient.

    theyare available in any industies because thay are widely employed solvents and are reely avilable in market

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    What Is It??

    Hello, everyone, and welcome to the wonderful world of chromatography! What is chromatography, you ask?? Well, quite simply, it is a broad range of physical methods used to separate and or to analyze complex mixtures. The components to be separated are distributed between two phases: a stationary phase bed and a mobile phase which percolates through the stationary bed.

    How Does It Work? Like Magic!

    A mixture of various components enters a chromatography process, and the different components are flushed through the system at different rates. These differential rates of migration as the mixture moves over adsorptive materials provide separation. Repeated sorption/desorption acts that take place during the movement of the sample over the stationary bed determine the rates. The smaller the affinity a molecule has for the stationary phase, the shorter the time spent in a column.

    So, Why Is It So Special?

    In any chemical or bioprocessing industry, the need to separate and purify a product from a complex mixture is a necessary and important step in the production line. Today, there exists a wide market of methods in which industries can accomplish these goals. Chromatography is a very special separation process for a multitude of reasons! First of all, it can separate complex mixtures with great precision. Even very similar components, such as proteins that may only vary by a single amino acid, can be separated with chromatography. In fact, chromatography can purify basically any soluble or volatile substance if the right adsorbent material, carrier fluid, and operating conditions are employed. Second, chromatography can be used to separate delicate products since the conditions under which it is performed are not typically severe. For these reasons, chromatography is quite well suited to a variety of uses in the field of biotechnology, such as separating mixtures of proteins.

    Do You Want to Know More?

    Because chromatography has so many wonderful applications in the biotech industry, we want to tell you more about it. You can go to the following topics:

    The Equipment Used

    Basic Operation

    The Output: The Chromatogram

    Different Types of Chromatography

    Another overview of types of chromatography

    Scale up

    Preparative chromatography

    List of References

    See Prof. Cramer's chromatography course

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    hi fella, your question is insufficient, try to elaborate it..

    where it would be applied?

    what specific type of chrom. are you trying to use?

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