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Is the mystery behind Arushi Talwar's murder in NOIDA solved?

If yes, who killed the girl?

Any updates from TV/radio?


For @ Unbiased Opinion: A very good and detailed answer. I got so much of information from your answer. Moreover, the motive of parents, possibly involved in the crime, is yet to surface. Probably, Aarushi had some affairs (several people I talked had this opinion which was probably disliked by couple). Or Aarushi could have come to know about some misdeeds of her parents and maybe pressurising them over that. It could be either way, you see. Though I am not sure on these ones).

Its just a theory. But again, it feels so sad that we are discussing internal affairs of the family on a public forum like Y!A. Dissecting the family fibre by outsiders is not a good practice.

I wish and pray that such a tragedy does not happen to anyone else.

But why have you used two IDs to answer when you could have simply edited your answer by simply writing 'EDIT' and then continuing? I feel you are already on my Contact List here on YA, right?

Thanks again for all those who answered.

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    Guys POLICE IS DEFINITELY INVOLVED IN THIS CASE.They are protecting someone who is a BIG SHOT for sure.The way they did the investigation proves that.Now how on earth could they not find Hemraj's body lying on the terrace on the the day they reached the crime scene?The first thing that should have come to their mind is From where would the killer gain entry?They should have checked all entry and exit points but they didn't.If they would have, they would have found Hemraj's body the first day itself.

    Arushi's parents if not involved definitely know who the killer is for sure.How can they sleep through two murders happening in their house?They are quiet because the killer would be blackmailing them for something which he knew,probably a misdeed of Arushi's parents which they would not like anyone to know.

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    I think the police (though good for nothing) should be instructed to read such blogs to atleast see the unseen and think the way "police" should think. Why have the cops not taken the fact that Arushi's frined Anmol claimed that he spoke to her at about 11 pm (which means she was alive till then) and the fact that the post mortem report claims that she should have been dead before 10 pm seriously??? The answer to this question should lead to somewhere, I guess. Also, why would the parents need to call Hemraj on his cell at 6.00 am, before they even woke up properly? Was it a panic call?? Also, I have some friends in Nouda, who have he ard gossipss (may be untrue, but the police should still go ahead and investigate) that Dr Rajesh Talwas was an alcoholic and had an extra marital affair in Delhi, and his wife and daughter knew about his and that there were regular tiffs in the family about his. Whats the harm if the police look into this aspect, particularly since, they have traced phone calls of Dr Talwar. Also, why did Dr Nupur Talwar make more than 250 calls to a lady doctor within a span of a week? I am sure the Noida police are not investigating every little clue that they hit upon. Every clue, however, useless it might seem to be, should be followed. Moreover, why is the noida police questioning the parents togeteher, why not separately, and why not subject the lady to more of a mentally gruelling interrogations, preferably under the supervision of a criminal phychologist. I am sure the lady will give in. Good luck Noida police (good for nothing!!!!!)

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    Its a sad example of poor parenting where the parents leave the whole responsibility of there female child on a male servant from a very tender age.

    There are several examples where the children are exploited by there close relatives then how could the couple trust a servant.

    The servant slowly starts to sexually exploit the child and when the parents discover it it was too late as the child is also addicted to this exploitation.

    What happened later was very sad and now the couple should acknowledge there parenting mistakes. They should stop misleading the police but instead share what they have experienced with the people and help the society to take a better care of there children.

    Breaking News! Putting all rumors and speculations into rest, the Noida police finally arrested Arushi Talwar's parents Dr. Rajesh Talwar and Dr. Nupur Talwar. Dr. Rajesh's friend and assistant Dr. Anita Durrani was also arrested.

    Rajesh Talwar had extra-marital affairs with Dr. Anita Durrani, his assistant ( This cannot be the motive of killing and the motive was to protect the honour of his daughter and mislead the media)

    Arushi and Hemraj had developed close relations. They even used to discuss Rajesh Talwar's extra-marital affairs. Rajesh Talwar knew about this. According to the police, he saw Hemraj and Arushi in an objectionable position.

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    The answer will be a long time coming,there seems to be no proof,no consistency from either the media or the police.All that we have are wild accusations and smutty ideas from C-grade detectives who maybe should switch off their satellite T.V 's and learn what its like to live in the real world.The entire case beginning to end has been a witch hunt.The links provided here are to TIO information which is as wishy washy and biased as something written by a spurned Inquisitor straight out of the 16th century.They constantly repeat the fact that the Doctor and his wife are acting 'suspicious ' by not answering the media-So What??I wouldnt,would any of you make that your first priority?If you were innocent and your child had been murdered would you jump to the media to exonerate yourself or would you keep your grief private? As the TOI says

    "Prior to this statement, Aarushi’s parents were providing different statements to the Noida police, which brought them under the scanner.

    So far the family has always been accompanied by a relative and never made an official statement in the case.

    Aarushi's parents have had an unfriendly attitude towards the media and have ignored the presence of the press all along"

    Thank God that they have ignored these bloodthirsty media hounds who would shove their microphone into someone's grave to get a statement if they could.

    "According to the postmortem report, Arushi, daughter of a dentist couple, died around noon on Thursday, or up to 6 hours earlier. This means that Arushi was dead long before her parents went to sleep on Thursday night. The body lay in the house much of the day on Thursday, and was reported only at 6.30 the next morning."

    Then the next report says there was semi digested food found which was from the late night dinner that she had..enough holes in the story-yes,but not poked by the parents,just the normal bumbling of the police and the media..

    Just leave the parents out until you have proof,undeniable proof.A parents grief on losing their only child like this is probably like being in hell,why make it worse by being the judge and jury on the basis of bad reporting and bad policing?

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    Yes, it is solved, the Talwars and Durranis are at fault, irrespective of our corrupt system, blundering of the case in almost all ways possible as well as the fact that they will all be let off the hook in the courtroom dramas which are going to follow just like the other infamous Noida cases or for the fact any of the high profile cases in India where money plays a much important role than anything else. The four are going to end up paying the police throughout their lives. Though the guilty may not be punished, I am sure everyone in India or throughout the world are watching them and know who they are and what they have done, so life is not going to be a bed of roses anymore for any of them. My view of the entire case, it is a case of wife swapping, arushi learnt about it and started protesting, Hemraj's work is to most probably drop one madam and pick up the other and come home. On the day of the murder, arushi saw anita come home and she objected to it, her mom was not in her house, guess where she was... her fight and asking anita to get out of the house angered the dad and he killed her, my guess with hemraj's help too. Then, anita and the dad planned to finish off hemraj and put the blame on him, they first tried to give him liquor and then they drugged him, after this they started attacking him, my guess hemraj wasnt fully drugged and he ran for his life, explaining blood on the stairs upto the terrace and then they killed him in the terrace explained the amount of blood on the terrace and then they dragged his body and hid his body in the terrace. And then in the morning, they thought they will give a complaint to the police about Hemraj doing the murder and running away, hence the initial story. Their idea was to get away with the murder since the police will be searching for a killer who was lying dead on their terrace. After a few days, they planned to dispose hemraj's body by cutting it into pieces and just throwing it in the dustbin or something like that. The plan was perfect expect for one thing which they did not anticipate, the press, media. Now, a 14 year old lying dead with her throat slit is something which no one can digest at the same time something really curious and interesting in the view of the media, you see it is not a politically linked case where they might run into problems or at the same time, where they might face any kind of threat or case, its just a murder. So when the media started covering every single aspect of the case, things got really tough for the talwars as well as the durranis. I appreciate the media for doing their job and at the same time I am happy that though they might get away for what they have done, everyone who has seen or followed this case will never consider any of them innocent.

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    People are talking about solving murder mystery by running their imagination wild. The facts so far shared by the Police with the media are-

    1. An insider job

    2. A person who knows how to use a surgical knife

    3. One target -the other victim being a witness to the crime

    4. Murder weapon and mobile of the seravnt not recovered

    5. Bodies found in two different locations

    6. Body of servant dragged on to the terrace

    7. Servant was on empty stomach when he was murdered- autopsy report

    8. The girl had semi digested food in her intestine- autopsy report

    9. There is no huge time difference in both killings

    10. Last mobile transaction of the girl is clocked at 21.10 hrs

    Let me play Perry Mason / Hercule Poirot / Sherlock Holmes at once. The theory is-

    X has illicit affair. Honour killing by X 's spouse. Girl is the witness so she is killed too accidentally. Later the neck cut with surgical knife to look like the other way round.

    Hope you guessed the whole plot. I am withdrawing this theory as I am not convinced.

    I tried a story even I do not believe. My low knowledge of criminal jurisprudence and criminal procedure code is sufficient to shred the police theory- let me share this much- Noida police will eat their own words. In a press conference - without even caring that whole conference is being aired live on broadcast media telling a story - without the basic respect for human dignity (of deceased and suspects) carrying out character assassination both by media and police- whose way of revealing news is much to be desired and banal hurts me most. Anyone basing their judgement on the media and police story is unethical and spiteful.

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    Aarushi Talwar Hemraj Relationship

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    Well according to the yesterday's news this has been brought up that her dad has been calling some one since last month n after arushi's death she nvr turned up, most importantly cops r not doing their job seriously to shut the case as soon as can they r actually showing their inefficiency.

    In my opinion this case should be handed over to the retired SP who found the body of the domestic help he might uncover all the truth behind the scene. And moreover arushi's dad got some calls from abroad no wonder why, and also he made the call to hemraj's cell phone on friday morning at around 6:00 AM he must be knowning tht her daughter is dead then why her parents not telling the truth to the cops. And also somebdy called on hemraj's mobile on the murder day at arund 6:00 AM, the mystery over here is who called and why?

    I am sorry I am not going out of the track but most of the signs signaling towards her parents too, this is I knw kinda fishy but police should interrogate her parents in depth as well if they want to come up with the outcome of this case...

    Who and Why everywhere but no answer.......

    Source(s): Adding to the above discussions, I must bring some info. to ur knowledge here which police reported tht the killer had a drink wid hemraj on the terrace, so u guys should take it into consideration this also....well anyway i must suggest NOIDA POLICE to watch typically english suspense movies in future so tht they wud not do such useless activities while entertaining such cases in future...n moreover according to the AAJTAK news yesterday (20th may) they hav revealed some scraps in aarushi's scrapbook on orkut site so there are so many instances which leads no now I m for sure tht noida police is tht much confident bout their statements which hav been given to media they ll crack the case within 2 days so for keeping this promise they ll take any of the guy into their custody n ll say this is the culprit...but one thing here is susupicious why the parents wud kill their only charming daughter as they got her from heaven after 12 yrs of marriage.. no wonder if like movies she wud hav any insurance policy or some kind of extra marital affair between her mother and hemraj or might b her father and tht lady who he used to call lot many times in a day.... One important thing comes up here is why the police (useless) never tried finding for both the mobiles n why they r not investigating the case my opinion v should bring in media (all the news channels) to crack the case as police never interrogated the driver and all the suspects and moreover any of the policeman confirmed the driver tht the matress is no more of any use so take it away tht must be the most important clue in this case...NOIDA POLICE is really shameless if they r not able solve this mystery how wud noida public think of if police can make the city safe...Police is not taking her parents seriously to investigating further ..wht i think is police have been heavily paid to close the chapter I must pray god to giv justice to this case if he think aarushi is never been involved in any wrong things :( After watching all the news I come into conclusion tht aarushi's parents and some other in her family is totally involved in this case not specifically saying wts the matter behind it but I make sure police is not having much pressure to crack it so they gonna do something today..... Lets get together and pray for Aarushi to get justice ASAP... One more thing i forgot to mention is tht no political parties r coming up for this case and why answer
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    Let me shake up some basic assumptions:

    1. Both the murders have been committed by the same person- Suppose a person finds his daughter killed by a weapon and finds his servant running on the stairs, he will kill

    the criminal with the same weapon in the same style. And so, it is quite possible (though rare) that Hemraj killed Aarushi finding which immediately, her father killed Hemraj with the same tools in the same manner.

    2. Hemraj was killed first- There is no evidence to assume this as well. A decomposed body will show a longer time.

    3. It can't be the act of an outsider- It can certainly be. As far as the keys are concerned, may be that Aarushi tired of getting shut in her bed room many nights might have got a copy of her room key made and given to someone she trusted and he/ she cheated her. Or even parents or Hemraj may provide a copy of the keys to hired professional killers.

    4. There are no motives to kill Aarushi- There can be many motives:

    -To create terror among rich & influential people by a professional gang so that later they can demand huge sum of money from a number of rich people giving reference to this case.

    -Honor Killing: Either by parents or Professional hired killers

    -Wife Swapping: May be that the 4 parents (Dr. Talwar, Dr. Nupur, Dr. Prafulla and Dr. Anita) were honest in relationships but Aarushi suspected illicit relationship out of her teen innocence and servants' versions. Indian society is full of foolish rumours and many people pay price for it.

    -MMS/ Drugs Gang- The people in dirty MMS/ Drugs business might have targeted Aarushi and after some problems & protests might have eliminated her. They might be threatening the parents and bribing police as well.

    -Some Third Party's Professional Rivalry with Talwars & Durranis

    -Some personal/ family enemity which Talwars wanna tackle themselves.

    -Aarushi might have witnessed some crime which even the parents are not aware. She might have told it only to Hemraj and so killer eliminated both of them.

    5. Many calls to Dr. Anita suggest illicit relationship between the too - 286 calls in about 60 days mean just 4 or 5 calls per day. In same profession and visits to the same hospitals seeing the same patients, these many calls are quite common (though a bit more than normal).

    6. Talwars have told it all to police/ media- Though there is no solid reason to suspect but still I feel a number of things the couple has hidden which they are yet to tell.

    7. It can't be true that Talwars were sleeping when their daughter & servant were getting killed: If Dr Talwar took whisky as suggested by the evidences, then may be that they fell asleep. Or they might have suspected some cat etc. or thefts entering house.

    So, A deep inquiry with free mind is required to find the culprit in this case. Even the simple basic assumptions are doubtfull.

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    i dont think her parents killed her. this is not a panchayat in haryana dispensing justice via honor killing.

    More Importantly, if they had killed her, they would not have allowed retired SP to goto balcony and discover hemraj. they would have disposed his body later. they are dostors, and wouldn't have done such a callous job of clearing the evidence. they had the whole night to clear it. they could have refused the maid the entry, and used further time to clean and dispense evidence, or even the bodies altogether.

    Now for the question of how they did not wake up when she was being killed.. that is what baffles me and everyone else.

    1) were the rooms really adjoining?

    2) what if aarushi was drugged. she would be asleeep when she was stabbed, so no sounds.

    I think the case is still very open.

    Also, may be police is deliberately giving statements to throw media of the hook. Anyway the way indian media turns everything into a TAMASHA has become nauseating, to say the least.

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