What is the formula to calculate one's I.Q?

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    Well, it's not quite as easy as you might think, unless you are a psychologist. What psyhologists do when they wish to calculate one's I.Q is this:

    1. First they make tests with a great variety of questions, depending on the age of the person they're testing. Ex. If they're testing a 10-year old, they'll compile questions that would be suitable for a nine-year-old, ten, and eleven-year-old.

    2. So, after the test's been done, they examine it and see which questions are answered. Let's say that the 10 y.o. boy has answered all the questions for the nine y.olds and all of the questions suitable for his age, but he has not answered even one of the "11-year olds" questions. Then we can say that his mental age is equal to his caldendar age, which is shown in the formula:

    I.Q.= MA / CA x 100

    MA - mental age

    CA - caldendar age

    So, in our example, I.Q. = 10 / 10 x 100

    I.Q = 100

    If the 10 y.o.boy had solved all the eleven-year old questions,

    I.Q. = 11 / 10 x 100

    I.Q = 110

    Anyway, like I said before, you can neither compile the questions nor evaulate the results unless you are a very skilled psychologist. So if you want to have it calculated, ask for a proffessional to help you with this matter.

    Source(s): I took psychology in high school
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    Iq Formula

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    What is the formula to calculate one's I.Q?

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    (1) There is no formula.

    (2) There's a rather large argument that IQ tests are worthless. The reason for this is that to make an IQ test, we have to apply certain biased ideas about what intelligence is. In the past we've "proven" that females are less intelligent than males, that blacks are less intelligent than whites, etc. (the list goes on)

    Now if there were a way to get some IQ test/scale from a celestial being, then maybe it'd be worth taking one, but until then, I wouldn't if I were you. Almost all of them are wrong (yes, they can be wrong... 100 is by definition "average" but if you tend to segregate classes/races in your scores, then we can't be measuring "intelligence" - even worse, what does "average" even mean when scores are seperated like that?)


    Heh. Hilarious that rift3r has the most correct formula, but a thumbs down ^_^.

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    Well, you have to write down every question you ever answered in your life. Take the percentage of right answers you gave and multiply by 2. That is your IQ.

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    talking of formula is one thing and how to form the iq question is another

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    is there any formula?? i don't think so..but there's IQ test

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    my mental age is 57 and actual age is 18 then how much is the IQ of mine

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    i really dont k now if there is actually a formula...

    go here to test your I.Q its fast and easy:


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