Why is it that it is God that responsible for doing more harm to humans in the OT than Satan?

In fact Satan kills no one while God slaughters multitudes. Why is it God that is blood thirsty and vengeful?
Update: How can I be wrong or have a narrow view if that is what it says in teh Bible, why are so many people who claim to read the Bible and believe in it, in such major denial? Is this healthy?
Update 2: Why does God get to get away with murder? What kind of answer is "well because he is God"? Isn't your God a bully then, just because might makes right?
Update 3: chevy.kevin - Peter was crucified upside down by the Romans, what are you talking about?
Update 4: Oh I forgot - if I kill someone I should claim that Satan made me do it. Good thikning. I wonder where si the personal responsibility in this religion, if I can blame Satan.
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