what is the use of computer in space research?

importance of computer in space research

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  • 1 decade ago
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    In space exploration:

    The uses of computers in space exploration is so that if you get lost, need help, or get hurt you have to be able to have someone help you.

    In space research:

    The computer is mostly used to do experiments and operate the machines.

    It is used to determine datas and etc.

  • eri
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    1 decade ago

    Computers have revolutionized astronomy. Astronomers used to have to sit at the telescope every night, looking through the eyepiece and later replacing photographic plates. Now we use digital cameras (CCDs) to take the images, and to control the telescopes - every major telescope is now controllable from a room nearby (a heated room). Many can be controlled over the internet from thousands of miles away. Then we use computers to analyze the data - much more accurate than the other methods. And to model systems to figure out what's going on. And to write up the papers and grants. Astronomers do pretty much everything at the computer.

  • 1 decade ago

    You name it, it is there. Your imagination is the limiting factor here. I can say that without computer as a tool space research is unthinkable.

    Where it is not used?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    To analyze a huge amount of space data & information in a short time ,a decent way.

    What is computer for if we do all things by our own hand?

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  • ?
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    4 years ago

    area analyze ought to no longer be saved faraway from desktops. you want a working laptop or computing device to devise the flight process the spacecraft, as a results of vast variety of variables and time constraints. you want a working laptop or computing device to regulate and reveal screen the climate of the spacecraft, back as a results of will for velocity. additionally, desktops carry out the diagnosis, shop song of the activities, administration verbal replace and reveal screen the circumstance of the spacecraft. to apply an occasion, sending a spacecraft to Mars is greater or less resembling attempting to toss a dime onto a moving vehicle it somewhat is ten blocks away. in case you like a comfortable touchdown, it gets harder. in case you opt for manned exploration, then you certainly choose desktops to regulate existence help. whilst desktops have been new, and that they have been getting used to interchange issues that were achieved by potential of instruction manual exertions, it grew to become into user-friendly to talk with 'guy hours' as a results of fact the component to computation achieved. desktops on the instant carry out thousands and thousands of guy hours of computation in seconds, and that's what makes area exploration attainable. Even area analyze achieved by potential of earthbound centers have self assurance in desktops, as a results of fact the vast quantity of advice amassed by potential of radio astronomers ought to no longer be processed in diverse lifetimes devoid of guidance from desktops.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    almost every aspect !

    controlling robots/rovers,

    transmitting and receiving signals,

    image processing,

    data analysis

    trajectory control of space craft

    environmental control in space station

    telescope pointing

    filtering data for intelligent signals (SETI)

    simulations of materials strength, and rockets in different conditions... hot/cold/pressure/vacuum/acceleration.

    simulations of different trajectory time vs cost vs fuel

    calculations for fuel thrust/impulse vs weight of craft

    simulation of landing/travelling through atmosphere

    computer graphic 3D simulations of flight plans, of gathered data etc...

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    2 trap wasted electrisity! what else,., its just like star trek!

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