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ntsc tv will work in india or not?

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    Those who knows little will answer you yes.

    India trasmits in PAL so when tuner is NTSC it surely can not receive TV in india (if u bring tv from USA in NTSC)

    Multisysem TV can play external video(from DVD,VCR,Handycam or set top box)through AV input.

    so if ur tv is is taking multisystem inputs you can get set top box or DTH service which is now easily growing and available..

    (Request to half knowledge people ,This is not an Opinion forum.If you are not from this field don't answer,it may cost some one a lot.)

  • NTSC will work in India. I'm using a TV with both NTSC and PAL, it is working good.

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    NTSC Tv definitely works in India.bcause my TV has both NTSC and PAL playback.

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    A Google search for "international tv standards" will present you with many sites which tell you that India's tv standard is PAL, so the answer to your question is no.

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