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Life is something that everyone should try at least once. Are you living? Wath does mean real life?


No, is not Scientology, but philosophy of life, thank you!

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    Hi Stige

    For me life is they way how we live everyday and time that we spend each second.

    It consists of: past, present, and future. We remember our history to be a lesson to live in present, and we also think about our future life as a guidance of our steps today.

    Yes I'm living, but I don't think my life is called "a trial at least once", as it is like a long journey from when I was still a naked baby until growing up now.

    Real life for me means a truly consciousness that we are human, having one time chance to live on earth, get a quite limited time to do with our mind, body, and soul... to optimize what we've got, not stop learning from everything, and to search best what is beyond our life that is in spirituality and religion. Only if we can maximize our best to be meaningful and to do something useful to others, that's then I can call it as a real life.

    sweet regards from me.

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    Life, to try, a rehersal about life? Are you living? I think to have the choice to be able to respond to this question would show that life is awareness, that MRS GREN thing has the characteristics for life. The Wath shows your human and the asking the question shows curosity, another human characteristic. So essientially life is trying to improve yourself and happiness comes form being able to help other people imrove. One more thing, Dacate said "Cogito ergo sum" I think therefore I am.

  • Anonymous
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    Sadly most people are living in tomorrow or yesterday, they are not truly living fully in the moment.

    If you’re thinking about the future or the past you will not be living in the moment. Living in the moment is when thought is absent, you cannot think about anything new for thought is memory is it not. Go on try it, all thought has its roots in old memory. So when we are in thought or memory we are not truly living 100% aware in the moment. We become dull to the moment and worry too much about the future and feel sad about the past. All this clutter in the mind makes us unavailable to the present beauty around us. When the mind is quiet but in a heighten state of awareness, very alert and sensitive to all things in and around us then we will be living very vibrant and peaceful with the world. To sensitively touch with nature and the beautiful animal in front of us we must be in the moment to really appreciate and connect with whatever is in front of us.

    Your past memories will always make you unhappy and disappointed because if you think of a happy memory you will soon long for that to happen again and therefore bring you down and become disappointed. And if you think of a bad memory then that will also obviously bring you down. It is the same with future thoughts as our expectations never turn out exactly as we plan them, which obviously brings disappointment. Stay with the present moment and accept what is rather than trying to change what is into something that is not. Deal with your past memories and jump forward in to the present without baggage so that you are light enough to walk on water.

    The past is dead, the future is imaginary happiness can only be in the eternal NOW moment. Why destroy your present happiness by a distant thought of misery, which may never come at all. Dont follow another or what someone says in a book, because you then become mechanical. All you have to do is look and observe without naming, comparing or judjing just watch everthing in and around you be sensitive to all things with a quiet mind while you are in the market place.

    People make their minds dull with superstitous beliefs, this is not reality it is an escape from reality making them unaware of the present and encouraging difference, leading to conflict and eventually war.

    If you follow another, intelligence is denied. The following of another, however noble, denies your own perception, denies your own observation – you are merely following somebody who will tell you what to do, what to think. If you do that, then intelligence doeas not exist, because in that there is no observation and therfore no intelligence. Intelligence demands doubting, questioning, not being impressed by others, by their enthuiasm, by there energy.

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    Mi son piaciuto leggere quel che millina9 ha da dire. Ma la vita non e' tutto sogno, dobbiamo alzare dal sonno.

    Life is a gift and everyone has to live one's own life. The meaning of Real Life is different for everyone. There is the present life and there is eternal life for those who live according to God's law of Love.

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  • Anonymous
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    I would say real life was accepting experience throwing caution to the winds. Accepting all the learning without questioning safety.

    I like the slave quote - i'd rather die n my feet than carry on living on my knees

    Maybe real life is accepting it all.

  • Anonymous
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    I'm living but trying to get used to this life. Real life is something that's happening in front of your eyes.

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    real life is when you live and experience life as it happens, without thinking about the past or the future. Most of the people spend their lives contemplating their past or planning the future so they miss out on their actual life

  • by all means, that better than to live the real, although also alive life in sweet dreams of cotton.


  • 7 years ago

    Invite Jesus into your heart the best way you know how and only your maker knows you better then you know yourself. this is philosophy and Christian.........

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    Dormono tutti, o Stige, forse la mia stellina sveglierà qualcuno...quelli che vivono la notte più del giorno...come notte... dove tutto diventa sogno..dove si riesce a "vedere" tutto ciò che la luce offusca e che il buio invece rischiara..dove si "vede" attraverso l'immaginazione e non grazie ad uno dei 5 sensi...dove...quando.. riusciamo ad essere finalmente noi ....

    Il buio...che MERAVIGLIA!!!

    E' solo un modo per rinnovarti la mia stima..sempre!!!

    Non è una risposta alla tua domanda..mi piace sovvertire le parole...le domande..

    La mia stima...come sempre!!

    Source(s): Lettere..un miscuglio di un ordine prestabilito...convenzioni...LE qualsiasi lingua..questo sono... Ali ho le ali ..per volare oltre..nell'immensità di questo buio che m'incanta........ Che bello quel pollice verso...mi fa l'ha messo all'altro...quell'altro di rimando...vendicativo...ha ricambiato...chi l'ha messo a me?? Boh!! grazie a chi mi ha messo quel pollice verso...mi ha fatto sorridere...mentre il buio continua ad avvolgermi...e io continuo a sognare..a volare... Voi no...non ne siete capaci... Ah!! forse perché non ho risposto in inglese...sono ..ho deciso di rispondere in italiano.. I miei 14 anni non compiuti...e ...voi..(?) "La vita è qualche cosa che ognuno dovrebbe provare almeno una volta. Stai tu vivendo?? Cosa s'intende per vita vera"? TRADUZIONE LIBERA COME ME...dai pregiudizi...che vanno al di là della lingua ..."utilizzata" per porre una domanda.. DEDICATO AI SIMPATICI SIGNORI..."POLLICI VERSI"
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