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Life is something that everyone should try at least once. Are you living? Wath does real life mean?

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    for me.. life is about dream and how to realize it. both of them are important.. i shouldn't just dream and do not have any plan to realize it.. but i should dream and wake up sometime to realize it.

    am i living now? surely i am.. i still have lots of dream:

    1. i wanna get my master on meteorology.. and sooner i'm willing to take post graduate program too.

    2. i wanna make my parents happier, and proud of me.. give a better life for them

    3. i wanna get a bright carrier as my educational background.. i really wanna be scientist.

    4. i wanna get married and have several children oneday.. with a perfect guy, who loves me just the way i am (Gee.. i hope i could meet him sooner or later ^_^)

    thats all my dream for now.. and i keep creating another dream.. cause i shall die.. if i dont have any dream..

    salute stige..

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    Life, to try, a rehersal about life? Are you living? I think to have the choice to be able to respond to this question would show that life is awareness, that MRS GREN thing has the characteristics for life. The Wath shows your human and the asking the question shows curosity, another human characteristic. So essientially life is trying to improve yourself and happiness comes form being able to help other people imrove. One more thing, Dacate said "Cogito ergo sum" I think therefore I am.

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    Well let me start by a wonderful say from a film"what is real, if its what you see what you hear what you smell,what you touch then simply reality is an electric pulses interpreted by your mind" which is not fully true. life is a group of experiences,trial and errors and much more methods you use to interact and understand but yet not fully understood and not always is a success.

    Living is not measured by the breathes or by the heart beats but in my opinion your body and its functions is a tool to make you reach the road of living which is measured by experiences you live,problems you solve,knowledge you gain,interacting with the surrounding environment,seeking the truth of everything like you are doing now pal.

    you see,hear,smell and touch but also you feel,you doubt,you sense the unknown and looking for answers and making a difference even by a smile, YOU ARE ALIVE.

    i guess i didn't answer you well enough but all i was doing is thinking loud.

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    Life is about making mistakes, then learning from them.

    Am I living?

    Physically, yes, I am. I am breathing, my heart is beating, and I am capable of sentient thought.

    Mentally? Perhaps... maybe I just think that I am living, which leads to wondering if living is just a condition of the psyche. If I think I am alive, does that make me live? Thus, if I think that I'm not alive, or that I will no longer be alive soon, will I stop living?

    I make my mistakes. I try my best to not repeat them. If this is living, then yes, I am.

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    existence, to purpose, a rehersal approximately existence? Are you living? i think of to have the possibility to be waiting to reply to this question could instruct that existence is information, that MRS GREN element has the characteristics for existence. The Wath exhibits your human and the asking the question exhibits curosity, yet another human function. So essientially existence is making an attempt to strengthen your self and happiness comes variety being waiting to help individuals imrove. one greater element, Dacate suggested "Cogito ergo sum" i think of consequently i'm.

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    I believe that when a person is in a state of limbo; that person is not really living. Limbo is when their life has been put on hold because of something that happened. Limbo is an intermediate state or condition. Limbo can last for a year or it could last for up to 20 yrs. It depends upon when the person can crawl out of the limbo they are stuck in.

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    life doesn't mean - love 'coz love is something we feel only when we also love

    life doesn't mean - truth 'coz truth is sometimes misunderstood by us

    life doesn't mean - success 'coz success goes hand in hand with hard work

    life doesn't mean - money 'coz money is man-made and is something we always want more ( never enough for us )

    life doesn't mean - relationship of friendship 'coz these sometimes comes along with money and power

    life doesn't mean - joy 'coz we choose what gives us joy

    the above are necessary for living but the most important is


    the person with the purpose ACTUALLY LIVES

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    Life can only be tried once. I am living. Life is going for what your heart desires

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    right at this moment life for me means getting a good OP and getting into a good UNI then living in a good life with a good job

    but i think it isnt until the moment before you die, when you're whole life flashes before you, that you realise the true meaning of your own life

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    I assume anyone responding to your question is alive, so they don't have any choice about "trying" life at least once. To me, "real life" is not being dead.

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