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Is it too late to become a Grandmaster?(Chess)?

I just learned chess at the age19 and almost all of the grandmaster and world champions start when they're very young. Is it to late for someone that justed started at the age of almost twenty?

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    Hello --

    Technically yes it is possible ... but the work will be very hard unless you already show some talent for the game.

    Lets say you are 1500 rated player (about average strength) -- if you study hard you should be able to gain a hundred rating points per year ... so in 5 years you could expect to be an expert ... master is a few years after that. The problem is, of course we are talking about a 5 year commitment, and some people level off at 1900 and never get to expert level.

    I would find a chess coach (master level) ... play a few games and then go with his opinion of your play.

    Best of luck in your journey,


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    Chess at that level competitively speaking is extremely brutal besides you need the right tools to be a GM a very strong will to win, the nerves to stand the stress, good memory, a talent for the game.

    There's lots and lots of travel involved not cheap and very expensive: hotels, food and lodging, airfare, car rental.

    While your putting all this commitment and effort to become a Grandmaster how are you going to ever find the time to make a living? if your rich this isn't an issue but if your not it will be.

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    Yes it is. Learning chess at 19 makes it virtually impossible to reach Grandmaster class these days. You can still become quite good however.

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    In addition to Tchigorin, Joseph Henry Blackburne also learned the moves late (when he was 18) and went on to become one of the strongest players in the world. Bear in mind though that in just a few years both of these players had achieved great results; Blackburne in fact beat Steinitz in a tournament game just a couple years after learning the moves! Also remember that the competition was much MUCH less severe back then.

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    I think a few GMs from the past started late in life, most famously Tchigorin. But at any level - it is very hard to compete as an adult against teens who live and breathe chess.

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    yes its possible but itll take a lot of hard work. if u work hard and sincerely u shoud b a pro in a yr or 2

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    It is highly improbable. The time needed to advance is considerable and costs can be a killer.

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    It is never too late to start a new dream.

    Go ahead

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    study like 8 hours a day and your rating will skyrocket.

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