What laptop cooler should I get for my Toshiba Satellite?

My Toshiba Satellite is awesome except for its overheating battery. There are 2 hot spots: one in the left hand side top corner, where the built in fan is, and another one in the front, where the touchpad is. This is why i bought a DataStor cooling pad with 3 fans for around $10 (I read the reviews on Amazon and everyone seemed to be pretty happy with it) but that was a total mistake. It says it's supposed to be 21dB, but it makes these weird noises at times, especially when I move it around or I leave it somewhere unstable. Soon after it started doing it all the time. After playing around a little I noticed that one of the fans was making the weird noise, so I put something to stop that fan from working, but soon after I found that another one started making the weird noise again. I'm left with one fan now, and I'm pretty sure it's going to make noises sooner or later.

So, this time I want to buy a better cooler, not necessarily cheap, but quiet and durable. Thanks

3 Answers

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