Who is the best dancer in India Cinema?

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I think it's Dhoom Starrer Hrithik? Or Prabhu Deva (Michael Jackson of South India)
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I'll go for Prabu Deva. Received National Award for Best Choreographer. Also his break dance during the 95-96 was inspiration for many Actors. He has won the most filmfare.

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That's what I expected from a answerer!
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  • tvmkondhan answered 6 years ago
    Prabhu deva without any doubt
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  • zero answered 6 years ago
    Shahid Kapoor
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  • rainbowii7 answered 6 years ago
    look up hot Bollywood stars your get your answer. some of them are amazing lol
    read about there reviews!!!
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  • Karaminder S answered 6 years ago
    i dont know
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  • nilmani answered 6 years ago
    In male dancers I think Hrithik is the best dancers. Prabhu deva also dances fantastically but I havn't seen his dances more so I am not sure for it. In female dancers I think madhuri dixit is the best dancer
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  • ~shifa~ ~ answered 6 years ago
    i think harman and madhuri
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