Whats the difference between CA, CMA, CPA, CFA, CIA, CWA.. What is best for me? Please read further?

I am a student from India studying in bangalore. I have just finished my b.com last month and i was thinking of doing a course in accounts. Now i'm thinking of doing the CA course in india. But i'm not sure if that is the right choice at the moment. Should i go for CA, CPA, CMA, CIA, CFA... Now i'm really not sure which of these to take at the moment. Could anyone please tell me about each of these courses and which could be best suited for me at the moment. Is there any website which gives details about each of these courses so that i may know which one is the right one for me... Please help...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    CA: Haven't heard of it.

    CPA: If you want to be a controller or a public accountant. The focus is on financial accounting.

    CMA: If you want to work in corporate finance. I.e. a cost accountant, financial analyst, or about any other finance position you can think of within an organization. The focus is on management accounting.

    CIA: Don't know much about it. I know it revolves around auditing. However, it is my understanding that most public accounting firms want their auditors to get a CPA. Maybe if you wanted to be a controller or work in the internal audit department of a large corporation?

    CFA: A securities analyst, investment banker, the M&A department of a corporation, and so on.

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