Evaluate Toyota's marketing strategy. How might it improve its strategy?

use the marketing strategy of prius.....

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    Toyota is selling the Prius as fast as they can make them. Most dealers have customers on waiting lists several weeks (or months!) long. Some dealers are marking-up the Prius several thousand dollars over sticker price.

    What makes you think that Toyota needs to improve their marketing strategy?

    What needs improvement is their manufacturing strategy...IMHO.

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    Toyota Prius Marketing Strategy

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    Toyota's marketing strategy is pretty sound for the Prius, as it seems to be selling well. Instead of their external marketing, I would focus on their internal marketing on how to reduce cost without compromising quality.

    In Japan, they use a system of Keiretsu - this is a phenomenal system that the Western cultures have never been able to get right (basically, its working together!). Take a look: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keiretsu

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