Why flare up when I already have controlled allergies?

I take medicine and nasal spray for allergies. They have been under control for quite some time. However, just today, it seems that the allergies are all acting up again despite the meds. Why?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I have a daughter who has suffered with sinus allergies all her life. We've tried nearly everything. Allergy meds gave her unwanted side effects. Here is what has helped her lead a non-suffering life. One is (natural) latex pillows. Pricey, but mold can't grow on it. If you can afford it, get a (natural) latex mattress too. An air filter in the room you sleep in. Doesn't have to be big and expensive. Leave it on 24/7.

    The last thing, and the most amazing thing of all is a product called Sinumarin. We got it at Walgreens. It's a nasal spray with a salinity is formulated to the same amount as ocean water. This stuff, simple as it sounds has worked better than any other thing we've tried. It's not the cheapest nasal spray, but worth every penny. It has a strong spray to it and takes a bit to get used to, but you do. Works amazing. I am not prone to allergies, but when i get a sinus infection from a cold, it clears it right up. Worth a try!

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