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is windows xp better or windows vista better???

hi pals.. im using xp professional.. its been great until now... heard that vista has so many unwanted applications... how is vista?? is it better than xp or is it good to continue with xp?? also i have 1 gb of ram.. does vista run properly with 1 gb of ram???

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    I have a Windows Vista Home Premium. Before this I've been using XP the whole time.

    In my opinion, Vista does have a lot of unwanted stuff. You can get rid of unwanted applications in the Control Panel, but there are things that you just have to deal with: Vista likes to give the screen an "aery" look, which really does make the CPU work harder than necessary. This is why most Vistas need to have a lot of RAM. My Vista laptop has 2 512MB, totalling 1GB, and it works fast enough, so the 1GB that you have should be enough. The difference is that mine has 2, so when some application is taking up the memory off one the other is ready to be used for something entirely different. Parallel processing becomes easier. In your case, since it was originally Windows XP, I'm guessing you only have 1 1GB memory, so that might make your computer slower if you change to Vista. Especially if you like to play games on your computer a lot.

    Other than memory and speed, I would say Vista isn't very different from XP. Most of the most useful tools in Vista are the same as XP, so there's nothing surprising and amazing about that. Sometimes I come across softwares that don't support Vista, which is annoying, but I guess that would change as more people start using Vista.

    Well, good luck making your choice, but here's my opinion: if you have an XP, and have no problems, keep using it. Vista is not amazing enough to deserve a risk of making your computer slower.

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    Hi, my name's Cody, and I'm working with the Vista Outreach Team to answer any questions or concerns people have about Windows Vista. I noticed that a lot of other folks already responded to you, but I wanted to get my two cents in there too.

    Zee had some great stuff to say, particularly regarding the fact that Vista has some differences from XP and that it is full of new features. Windows Vista has way tighter security features than XP, and is much less vulnerable to stuff like spyware. Regarding what Sathish said about compatibility issues, 98 of the 100 top software applications can be run on Vista, and they keep adding more each day. Vista also supports something like 77,000 printers, cameras, speakers, and other external devices, too.

    I know your question was pretty general, so if you have any specific questions about differences between Vista and XP, or just any questions in general, please let me know and I'll do my best to answer them!



    Windows Vista Outreach Team

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    xp pro is a proven stable operating system that is better for 2007 and older programs. XP will run great on 1 gig ram.

    Vista Ultimate is trouble free as long as you got min 2 gig ram. Vista will be more popular as time goes on and will eventually be the best as new programs get more complicated. Buisness is slowly starting to get vista and office 2007.

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    I think window XP is much better then Vista

    As the speed of XP is much faster and not too many securities

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    Windows XP is always good and user friendly. Using vista will produce compatibility issues with many software. But vista looks good i agree. Performance is what matters and not the appearance... So be happy with XP

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    It very difficult to say witch is better but vista is a new version and it also contain great features which not have xp.

    Download Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor for Make sure your computer is ready for the edition of Windows Vista you want from

    Install the program and it will scan your commuter hardware and it will show your hardware requirement (if not pass for vista)

    If pass

    Install fresh copy of vista on separate partition

    Make sure your computer manufacturer provide windows vista drivers. Or you can search windows vista drivers for your hardware.

    You can use both operating systems.

    You must find out which is good for you

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    If you have low resources like ... small RAM size of 512 and below, and small graphics card memory...... go for Win Xp...

    If u have all those above Vistas recommendations... go for Vista... Vista gives you a better visual experience and security than XP.

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    i think windows xp was better. it was modern yet simple. Vista gives me sooo much headache! and it does have alot of unwanted things..oh and if youre a professional i would stick to xp because vista microsoft office takes forever to learn how to operate it because they re organized all the buttons! Vista is prettier, but efficent...not really

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    Depends what you need it for. Vista needs about 2GB Ram to run properly and it is good for the newest DirectX 10 games. It also has tighter security and more automated maintenance tasks than Windows XP.

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    windows XP is better than vista. i hav used it for 2 months. and i hav seen all the disadvantages. in vista-- if u copy anything,, then first it will calculate the time,, and then copy it..which means it will take lot more than usual copying in XP.. if u hav webcam,, then it will not show any option in my computer in vista,, but in XP everything is just very good...

    so i advice u to stay with XP.. and DO NOT install vista..

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