Hanging cork board on concrete wall?

I have a rather large cork board (about 3 feet by 2 feet) that I want to mount on a wall made of concrete blocks. I have no idea how to go about accomplishing this. I've tried mighty putty (even though I had a feeling it wasn't going to work). I'm open to all suggestions!

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    Construction adhesive or silicone adhesive (caulk) will work -- unless the wall is painted - especially with a glossy paint. And it takes some effort to clean up if you decide to take it down - especially construction adhesive.

    Check in the hardware/fasteners section of your local hardware store, and you'll find fasteners specifically for hanging things on brick and concrete block. The best I've found is one that looks like a white plastic picture hook with four heavy pins. Use a hammer to drive the pins into the block, and it's solid, but it can be pried off with minimal damage to the wall.

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    Cork Boards For Walls

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    You can get a construction adhesive at home depot or Lowes in a big tube ---the ones that fit in the caulking guns -for about 3 dollars--and you can glue 1 or 2 1x2 or 2x3 strips of wood on the block wall. When the glue sets (drys) you can either hang the board up or screw it to the strips.

    Is the concrete painted or bare ??? Bare is better.

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    Go With Liquid Nails..You can get it at any hardware store.It comes in a tube for a caulking gun but you can get a cheap caulking gun for around 4 bucks..If you do it this way its going to be hard to remove later.You could drill some holes in the frame of the board and then using a concreate bit and some anchors and drill and mount to the wall..

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    www.RockYourWall.com has 3ft x 2ft cork panels that are 1/2" thick-the thickest cork available! If you want a temp solution try adhesive squares also available at RockYourWall.com. For a permanent solution use a glue called Liquid Nails. You can find Liquid Nails at Home Depot. I use Liquid Nails all the time with cork and it has never failed.

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    Use tap-cons. They are screws designed to be used in masonry. They usually come with a bit that you attach to a hammer-drill and drill out a hole where you want the screw to go, then you run the screw in. The screw is a little wider than the drill bit, so it tightens well. Use these in the corners. If you are putting weight on this board, you may want to run a row of them across the top just for added support.

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    have the hardware guy hook you up with a masonry bit and matching plastic anchors and screws to fit the anchors...drill each corner and screw it up...

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