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moving to chicago, need suggestions?


I am moving from Bolingbrook to chicago and I want suggestions on phone and internet and cable..

I have currently at &t residence phone and dsl internet at current place but I am wondering if I should move the current att service of phone and dsl internet or buy new comcast cable for phone and internet..

I do not want very high speed internet and also no out of state phone line..so what option will be good , looking at discount if att gives on moving or comcast new connection (discount or cash back)

Please advise..



Please do justify your answer !


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    Woooooooah - you should avoid Comcast at all cost. Trust me.

    Comcast does not send out very smart techs to install your cable+internet...what you get is a bunch of idiots who may show up at the scheduled time, and if they actually do you can only pray that they have all of your proper equiptment.

    I've had them twice here in Chicago. Once on the Northside where it was the only cable allowed in my building, and here on the Southside across from Midway airport because I wasn't so sure DirecTv would work.

    To be brief, my Northside Comcast cable worked fine but the first month my payment didn't arrive in the mail on time they shut off my service and when I tried to get online their internet fried my laptop. I spoke to three Comcast techs about it, none could help me and I ended up fixing the problem myself, which is something not everybody could have done.

    My Southside experience was even worse. I ordered Comcast cable with HD+DVR, internet and phone. Here are my problems:

    1. Two techs come out, one is clearly at the end of his training. I wanted my internet and cable hooked up in my basement where my TV & computer live. Instead they try to tell me some garbage on while my cable is okay for the basement, the internet has to go by my STOVE where the previous tenants had a small flat screen. The truth is that Comcast cable, internet and phone come in off of the same single cable into your home, and that can be spliced. The previous tenants had their cable spliced into every room including the kitchen...so the guys wanted to get home early and tried to hook things up wherever so they could both work at the same time as I only had one cable going into the basement. In the end I let the guys leave and just fixed it myself.

    2. I ordered a wireless router from them for my internet. The techs said they were out of them and to go buy one at Radio Shack down the street.

    3. They did not bring the proper cable box. I again ordered cable with HD+DVR and they brought me out a HD box with no DVR. I kid you not...THREE other technicians came out before the 4th finally came out with the proper equiptment two weeks later. This also included HOURS lost on the phone with the numerous idiots (probably close to ten different people) working for them.

    4. After that my cable just sucked for about three months. I scheduled a tech visit and again, I kid you not, the techs cancelled my appointment about five times without calling me...

    5. THEN I had all of this credit built up from the numerous complaints I had...basically every time I called they gave me $20 credit on my bill for my trouble. I get my bill and there's no credit. I call and they try to tell me it was MY FAULT for the cancelled tech visits! I spend another week on the phone straightening this one out and getting my credit back.


    Get RCN, Wide Open West, a dish...anything else.

    When my year of $30 cable, $30 internet and $30 phone is up I'm going to get rid of everything but the internet and go with a dish. A dish is a little more money up front, but totally worth it. I had one for about two years before moving to the Northside.

    Look, I even posted a question about it about a year ago: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AroFZ...

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    Trains and buses are plentiful in Chicago, so whereever you live, you'll be near public transportation. What you need to figure out is how much you are wiling to spend for rent (if in fact you are renting an apartment and not planning on buying a condo). That will determine the type of neighborhoods you live in. Granted no Chicago neighborhood is 'safe"; this is a big city and crime can happen anywhere. But some may be a little safer than others. Why not list your price range for rent and then you may get more useful answers. For instance, I could tell you the Gold Coast is a safe neighborhood. But unless you are prepared to buy a mansion in the million dollar range, you probably won't be living there. So give us a price range and we can help. FYI, there are some great relatively safe neighborhoods that have one bedrooms for about $700 and up.

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    i have att and love it

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    i use att..great service.

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