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I want to do small electronics project. so please help me and give some idea.?

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There are some projects that are very simple but very usefull for the society.Like earthquake alarm,fire alarm,burglar alarm,warning systems at unmanned level crossing and many more.
List of mini projects

1) Light level meter
2) Simple muscle stimulator
3) Simple flasher
4) Simple water level indicator
5) clap switch
7) Simple variable regulated power supply
8) Simple smps
9) digital sequential lighting
10) Simple fire alarm
11) simple smoke alarm
12) IR based burglar alarm
13) Hotel call bell system
14) Simple intercom
15) Digital object counter
16) Simple metal detector
18) Simple sound level meter
19) Mini short range fm transmitter
20) Touch switch
21) Mosquito repeller
22) Who is first
23) Stop watch
24) Mini traffic light controller
25) Mini emergency tube light
26) Digital code lock
27) Light controlled switch
28) Office call bell system
29) Darkness controlled light
30) Simple Ir remote control
31) Ic based voice play/recording (20 seconds)
32) Temperature controlled switch
33) Simple RF based remote control
34) Simple blind man's eye
35) Over voltage protection relay
36) Temperature controlled fan
37: Programmable 100 hour timer
38) Listening bug / & transmitter
39) Telephone tapping / misuse indicator)
40) Electronic stethoscope
41) Tone operated switch
42)Live-line Detector
43)Insect Repellant
44)Metal Detector
45)Lie Detector


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  • Roger S answered 7 years ago
    An astable multivibrator circuit is simple, yet educational and also entertaining. The link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astable has a schematic of such a circuit. Besides the transistors, resistors and capaciators, include a pair of LED's (light emitting diodes) between resistors 1 and 4 and the positive rail (the horizontal line at the top of the schematic). The easiest way to construct this circuit is to use a "breadboard". It is a piece of plastic with several hundred holes running halfway through. Wires and the leads of electronic components are pushed down into the holes to construct test circuits. A 9 volt transistor battery can be used as a power source. Most of the hardware needed can be purchased from an electronics parts retailer like Radio Shack. Once correctly wired, the two LED's will take turns flashing on and off. The timing depends on the choice of capaciator. The larger the microfarad rating on the capaciator, the longer the period between flashing.
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  • DPC answered 7 years ago
    The best idea
    Sit down ... relax on a chair ... think of all physics principles .. think of innovations/projects related to those principles

    btw ... why for our idea you must get the marks?
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  • shwet answered 7 years ago
    Make an embedded system for secure communication using encryption and decryption method using 89C51 or 8051 microcontroller or any language.
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  • Billy Butthead answered 7 years ago
    Get a 555 IC and make a digital timer it's simple and impressive.
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  • day dreamer answered 7 years ago
    u must choose an electronic to work on . and then try to find how does it work . and get on work
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  • Code Monkey answered 7 years ago
    Make a door bell that plays different sounds...

    U can also play around with tiny "spy" cameras and such...
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  • i want to do small electronics project. so please help me and give some idea.?
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