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    The greatest used class of compounds used in dyestuffs are azo compounds. There are azo dyes that have been found to be potential carcinogens. These were first regulated in the EU by Germany and the list is commonly called the German banned dye list. If a product has not been made using these compounds, it is sometimes called azo free. It is misleading, since the number of dyes on that list is very small as compared to the total number of azo dyes which are still used.

    Now I can imagine some company PRing that they didn't use azos at all, but I haven't seen that. It wouldn't mean anything since many azo dyes are actually "safer" than the non-azo dyes.

    Also, with just a few exceptions, those banned dyes had not been used for the last 20 years anyway. So the bans did not change textiles very much in the EU and USA when it was created. However, some apparel was found several years ago coming from China that contained one of the banned red dyes.

    If you have a reference where you saw this, post it in the added details. An example of one of these dyes in given in the reference. You can see a list of these dyes (and some others) in the Oeko-Tex 100 Standard (second reference).

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    Define Azo

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    Azo Definition

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    i want to know from u. what is the meaning of AZO free chemical of screen printing. why we found AZO in chemical.? why came azo in chemical. how we will remove it. what is the problem the azo..?

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