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How can i recover my deleted files.?

I ve deleted my some useful files on 17th aug.

i want them back any-how.

is there any software available to do that.

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    If deleted files and not removed from Recycle Bin then you can recover that. if removed frm recycle s bin too. then you have to choose Sytem REstore option

    Programs->Accessories->Sytem Tools->System Restore

    And Selecet Checkpoint Before 17 of Aug. proceed though this way your files 'll be recoved

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    There is some software that will try - but it's a bad thing that you have waited a week. Every hour you use the machine increases the chance that the space those files occupied will be overwritten. Stop using the machine!

    You didn't say what OS...

    Software to look at - ProSoft DataRescue.

    There are also some online services which will scan your machine and then quote price for recovery.

    And you can send the drive out to a professional service like ActionFront, DriveSavers, TotalRecall, etc. That will cost hundreds to thousands of dollars.

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    when you delete a file from your hard disk, the file is not physically deleted from your hark disk, it only delete the name of the file in the TOC(Table of content) which actually sotes the path, So techniclly speaking your file is present the hadk disk unless and other wise it is overwritten because you have used the full haed disk space. Getting overwritten is a rare scenerio. So you can very well recover using some tools which you can consul any hadware engineer.

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    U can recover deleted files with a very useful Softwere "Final Recovery"It can find the deleted files Even from the formatted partition.u can Find it in google Search

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    There is jus 50% chance u cld do tht, 'System mechanic pro' from iolo technologies cld do the job, but the software is not 100% satisfactory, u cld download the software from, go to 'recover deleted files' option after installing the software.

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    To recover your delet files, go to Recycle bin and installed the same.

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    I would suggest using undelete plus which is free, but I don't know how long it will be, usually it costs $30, so it's a good download to get while it is free

    download from the link below

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    if ur using xp thn dats gr8 cauz

    xp provides an inbuilt utility called "system recovery"

    to use it keep on clicking F8 key before xp safe mode

    select "adminstrator" when promted click 'no'.

    system recovery will auto start!

    select the date to recover and ur done!system will restart. i'll advise to select to the date abt one day before!

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    yes it can be recovered we have certain softwares available on the internet and also we have professionals to do this where they recover data from logically corrupted drives and deleted data from your harddrive tape drive etc there are certain charges charged for that upto some thousands if you feel that data is very important for you and ready to spend money for that then you can reach me on 9886749135 and my name is Anjan

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    Tune Up Utilities is also a good software to satisfy ur for it..

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