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is 6 best friends too much friends?

i have 6 best friends but 1 of them is not a true best friend, the other one we used to be really close best friends but now its no more shes cutting me out!, and theres one ive benn best friends 2 years now and shes ok but the other 3 ive only known them for a half year and i dont know if they are truely best friends...

any idea how to know if a best friend is really a best friend?

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    then it doesn't seem like you have 6 besties then!!

    A best friend will love you through thick and thin, and will except you for who you are, not who she or he wants you to be.

    BF's don't cut you out of their lives, they include you in them. Maybe you can talk to the 1 who's cutting you out, and see what is the matter in your relationship. Maybe she's really not trying to cut you out, it just might seem so. But is she really worth it?

    Time will tell on the ones that you have only known for a 1/2 yr. You have to let a friendship grow to really call someone your best friend.

    Do you trust them with your most appalling secrets? Would they talk about you behind your back? Would they support you in everything that you do? Could they honestly tell you when your doing something you shouldn't?

    These are just some of the questions that really tell you if you have a BF or not. If you can answer all of these but the 2ed. qu. with a yes, then you have some great friends.

    hope this helps!

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    Just hold everyone close 2 ur heart. Then one day don't feel guilty tat u r losing a diamond while u're very busy collecting stones. A real fren will alwiz stand 4 u n support u.

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    Now that's H A R D!!!

    You know what my dad says that we have lots of friends but just very few best friends. Well that's real! Believe me I found out that one of my (as I thought) best friend is not. A best friend is one that cares about you and occasionally show it. Anyway don't even get me started!!! Just c if she/he cares about u!!

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    a best friend is simply the one you feel closest to. the first person u wanna call wen u have good news or a bad day. If you have more then one, great. doesnt matter, its just a label.

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  • yes that is too many best friends but out of them 6 friend at least two of them are gonna back stab u at some point. i think having two best friends is enough.

  • best friend r ppl hu u can trust to keep a secret

    will stand up for you

    or basically hu is a close to you

    and 6 best friends isnt too much!

    ive got... at least 8 =D

    well good luck with your friendship!

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    It's okay to have 1 true friend

    Heck. it's okay to have alot of friends

    You will know if they are your true friends or not

    Listen to your heart....

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    Listen ! Wasting time is wasting money......Your best friend we never live you so if anyone you claim is your best friend live you then s/he is never in the first instance your b/f.

    Source(s): It could be your Imagination ,your best friend will never live you.
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    your best friend is theone you can talk to aout ANYTHING and he/she will listen to you!when going through difficult times thats when you know whos your best friend!a lot of people are lucky to have at least one best friend!

    answer mine;_ylt=AtLdA...

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    you'll know when they're put through tests......

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