I have DELL XPS Mi530 as my laptop.Is there any problem on installing dell media direct after installing OS ?

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I have formatted my laptop and re-insalled vista OS but i didn't installed DELL Media Direct before it.So is there any probem on installing Media Direct after installing OS
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  • Ar|Es answered 6 years ago
hello there.
it would depend on what version of media direct you have.

dell media direct 4.0 does not need a partition outside the OS.(only works for vista). for versions below that(3.0, 3.5, etc) you NEED to create a partition for the media direct then after installing the OS you can install the media direct software.

im crossing my fingers you have 4.0! ^_^..otherwise you need to redo the process if you really WANT dell media direct. but if you're not using it at all then forget installing it. ^_^. computer will still work perfectly fine without it.

hope that helps
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  • Shekhar A answered 6 years ago
    Hello Sou, As far as I know the Dell Media Direct installation requires that you install it BEFORE installing the OS, coz it creates a partition for itself on the freedos disk just after formatting. After installing your OS it cannot be installed. And BEWARE, even if you do try it, it will erase the OS installation and that would be as good as re-formatting the disk.


    Dell Media Direct installation guide book.
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