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What is better windows XP or windows Vista?

Can anyone tell me which one is the best OS. Some say Windows Vista is not compatible with other programs, so what do you recommend?


Could you pls tell me the advantage/disadvantage of using what u recommend...thks.

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    The answer is not so simple. Firstly, you hve to understand that when people are using one Operating system, they tend to rave about it and say it is the best....

    (Read the next answer! "I use XP, my SON uses Vista - I don't use Vista.... I prefer XP". How can people say they prefer XP when they don't use Vista? because they "HEARD something?)

    I did an experiment with a flashdrive once, my friend made a zip file 1.9GB at work - office files, pictures, all kinds of stuff - 441 files. We unzipped it to the XP desktop, and it took 5 minutes - not bad right?

    With his new computer running Vista Ultimate with a 2.6GHz core2duo - it took an incredible 14 minutes!!! and on my ubuntu machine, it took only 8 seconds.

    I bought a Vista machine, and it has some lovely features (all of which are available in Ubuntu linux for free) - but inevitably, Vista does suck - some things take sooo long. Sometimes, you try to delete a shortcut from desktop and you get a dialog saying 'calculating time required to delete shortcut'.

    wow, sure the WOW starts at that point! Delete a shortcut???

    XP enables you to run all windows software, games etc. BuT the security sucks (with Vista, it's intrusive, with XP it's damned hard work to keep the door half closed).

    My solution, finally, use Ubuntu for what it does best - internet, some office, some of other stuff. If you have XP installed already, you can add ubuntu as a dualboot option.

    XP doesn't need internet - it works best with no internet - no antivirus required with no internet, unless you use USB drives from other computers... but you can plug those in when you run ubuntu - no virus on ubuntu!!!


    XP is most compatible, and Ubuntu will give you all the security you need for accessing internet.

    step1: install XP, step2: disable internet step3: install ubuntu.

    to run both at once, in Ubuntu, install Virtualbox, then install XP AGAIN and run this one ON TOP of your ubuntu desktop.

    Right now I am using firefox with ubutnu, and have (windows) Yahoo Messenger sitting on the same desktop!!!

    No antivirus, no spyware problems, happy life.

    Note: to run XP with 1GB of RAM in a virtualbox, you need 2GB of total RAM. You can actually run XP with 800MB, AND Vista with 1.6GB, but then you need total 3GB RAM.

    That's good fun, you can run Ubuntu and XP and Vista.

    Personally, I prefer to use Vista to run Yahoo Messenger, it looks best with Vista (on my Ubuntu desktop of course!)

    Ubuntu looks nice, it has desktop compositing and management (like Vista, unlike XP) and special effects which run as smoothly as macintosh native effects - unlike added effects for XP (like 'switcher' or 'bricopack').

    some screenshots and stuff in this link:

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    Play it safe young lady. Go with Windows XP Professional for the next five years. It is very stable, easy to use, runs older programs, and will be supported until 2013.

    Death to Vista what an abomination. I tried it for 30 days and it was such a horrible operating system that I took it off and will never try installing it again.

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  • My company hasn't upgraded to Vista and I know a LOT of companies that haven't upgraded (and don't plan to). I would categorize Vista as a flop (kinda like the Millenium edition was relative to other windows releases) and personally I would wait until the next best thing comes out (which shouldn't be too long - "Windows 7" may be released next year).

    Advantages of using XP - it is more stable and faster than Vista.

    Advantages of using Vista - upgraded look and A/V interface. Disadvantage would be the memory and system requirements. I have heard MANY experts say you shouldn't use Vista with any less than 2 GB of RAM.

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    VISTA: look with windows vista you will have the best look ever and it's security is better than xp because you are having partenal control and you can easily change settings and you will have media center and all programs will work because you can set programs to work in xp sp2 mode and sp1 solved all bugs and sp2 will be on in the new year( 3months) look TAke VISTA and never take linux ( IT SUCKS) i tried it on my old computer

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    I work in IT and I have personally recommend windows XP to all my clients, Windows Vista is not compatible with many programs in XP and you can get tons of errors. Microsoft is still trying to fix the errors and service pack 2 won't be out until the new year. As well Vista takes a lot of memory to run the programs that are compaitable with it. XP programs don't require alot of memory to run.

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  • 1 decade ago

    we have both XP on the desktop and vista on the laptop - i much prefer XP, have heard lots of things about vista i think its the fact that vista isnt so compatable to programes as XP is - not sure - i can only speak from experience thouh i tend to use the desktop while my son prefers the laptop!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Windows Vista is a lot better than Windows Xp and there is very few software that is not compatible. I woud reccomend using Windows Vista.

    Good Luck

    Al the Best :)

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

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  • Sunny
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    1 decade ago

    XP is the best, you will find that Vista has a lot of problems still that need to be fixed

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  • 1 decade ago

    XP sp2. = Windows Xp service pack 2. vista still in trouble marble!!! Use Xp till late 5 years more.

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