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Sex without condom(no ejaculation)?

I had sex without a condom but i didn't ejaculate

whats the percentage of her still getting pregnant?

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    There is about a 50% Chance that she will get pregnant ....

    Even pre cu* has sperm in it and all it takes is a tiny drop and she is PREGO !!

    NEVER have sex without a condom and even then be aware that 18% of ALL condoms wil tear, rip, or come off during sex .....

    So; unless you are prepared to be a Daddy ... Pay for a Baby , Change dirty diapers etc ... keep it zipped or let Rosie take care of thiings ...

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    Sex No Ejaculation

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    Depends on her cycle and if any pre ***. Chances are 50%. BUT if you had took a pee before sex or earlier before without wanking it or any hard on's then your chances are lower than 50%. When you pee it flushes out any sperm left behind after past jerking off/sex/hard on's. But then it's possible that not all the sperm has been flushed out, so actually it's pretty much just a wait & see if she's pregnant or not. I had sex with my gf a few weeks ago (no ejaculation) and it went on for about 40 mins but I had previously pee'd before hand. So it's a wait and see for me as well lol.

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    It depends on many things. Such as if she was ovulating (which is the 4 day window in which she can get pregnant, usually starts 14 days after her last period) and "pre-***".

    If you didn't ejaculate, the chances of her getting pregnant are extremely low.

    Either way, to avoid worries, use a condom, or tell her to go on birth control.

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    It's more than 5% dude. There's a very solid chance of leaking sperm out even before ejaculation.

    Be careful with that.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Boy are you crazy like the other say there is 5 percent of sperm that leak out so you better use like 2 condoms at once when you have sex

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    It can still happen. Pre-ejaculate still happens, even without full on ejaculation and can lead to pregnancy.

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    Percentage? lol. Whatever anyone gives you, it's not an official statistic. You have pre-*** and that's enough to get a girl pregnant.


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