Wife leaves all her shoes by the front door and they stink. People must smell them when they come in. Help.?

Hi. Looking for suggestions. My wife takes her shoes off at the front door every night after work. Of course she has at least 5 or 6 pair of high heels and dress shoes she usually wears to work. When I come home from work, as soon as I open the front door I immediately smell stinky shoes. Ladies, you know how your bedroom closet smells where all your shoes are? Yes, like stinky shoes. Well I've tried just moving them and putting them in the closet as I'm cleaning and stuff like that. They all just end up at the front door again and they stink to high heaven. Does anyone, especially the ladies have any suggestions on how to ask her to move them because the stink and I'm afraid when friends come over they can smell them. We haven't been married for long and I don't want to embarass her. Thanks.

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    My shoe closet doesn't smell. Does she wear pantyhose? That might be it because they don't allow the feet to breathe. In any case I clean the insides of all of my shoes with baby wipes. Maybe you could spray them? I think Dr. Scholl's has a spray. Or you could just tell her that they're in the way & you'd prefer to keep them in the closet. Maybe you can say you tripped over them recently & would like that area clear?

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    Smell Her Shoes

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    Can you install a Glade Plug-In near the front door and perhaps get a can of foot deodorizer and spray her shoes? But honestly, I think there's no harm in gently suggesting she puts her shoes in her bedroom closet. If you can't talk to your wife about a little shoe odor how are you going to address the bigger issues?

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    I've got like 65 pair of shoes in my closet and guess what? It doesn't stink in there. If she has stinky feet I would tell her, be honest, that way you won't have to think about it any more, or smell them, because hopefully she will fix the problem.............

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    You may want to start using shoe deodorizer in her shoes after she takes them off and maybe you should inconspicuously suggest your wife treat herself to a pedicure or better yet give her one...you could also put a chest that is a designated "shoe dropoff" near the door or in another room close to the door so when she takes them off at the door she can carry them to the chest and it may help to use deodorizers in the chest as well...maybe have some YANKEE candles in stock and have them lit when guests come over. Most of all...YOU ARE MARRIED...if something is bothering you or others who better to discuss it with YOUR wife than HER HUSBAND...imagine how embarrassed she'll be when one of your guests can't take it anymore and decides to speak up!

  • 1 decade ago

    Buy an armoir (cause it has a door) for the shoes, not just a shoe rack.

    We take off our shoes at the door, it makes no sense to us to bring in outdoor grime into our house, so our floors and carpet stays very clean this way.

  • 1 decade ago

    You need to buy a decorative storage container to keep near the front door for her shoes.

    Your wife must have some serious stink coming off her feet.

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    Instead of trying to hide the odor, I say you should try to get rid of it. Buy foot powder or some kind of shoe deordorizer and put it in her shoe. You should just let her know gently. It'll be more embarrassing if she catches you trying to make her shoes smell better rather than you telling her. I rather have it that way, if i stink, I want to know!

  • 4 years ago

    Couldn't this come under breach of the peace or something like that? I think you should inform the police anyway and note it down because if it's stink bombs now , what's going to be next? Yep, inform the police before your kid gets hurt.

  • 1 decade ago

    Buy some deodorant spray and spray her shoes. They'll smell fine afterward.

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