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Did you ever fail a class in high school?

I have a feeling i'm going to fail my first class, PHYSICS.. and i'm just wondering if any other normal people failed a class. I know lots of kids who are repeating a class because they failed, but i'd consider them stupid. I don't think that i'm stupid. I'm doing very well in english and mostly every other class i'm taking.. but I can't wrap my brain around physics AT ALL.. I feel so lost in that class!

Failing would look very bad on my record, huh?


oh yeah, and i know everyone's gonna say "GET A TUTOR" but I don't have the money for it.. and even then I just don't think i'm made for this phsyics business!!

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    You say you're not made for it? You're probably right! Physics requires a completely different thinking pattern than the one used for English. People are usually REALLY good in the Arts and bad at Science...or vice versa. Some people are just really good at both.

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    I know how you're feeling.

    I am taking that right now.

    And its hard because you kind of have to be cut out for it and/or love science and math. Or at least have the patience for it. Just try to understand it in terms that make sense to you. That is the best way. Think of it as a puzzle laid out in front of you and manipulate things to what you need them to be. It's a trial and error process that you get the hang of as you become more comfortable to make errors and try something different.

    Best of luck. :]

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    Any way you can change your schedule and take another science? Physics isn't for everyone, and some teachers just aren't good at it. Better to drop it than fail it, if you can. Good luck.

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    If there is something you don't understand, you have to make sure you see your teacher after class so you can get help. Even if you have to ask your teacher a thousand times, do that. Remember, that is what they are getting PAID for! Don't suffer in silence.

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    omg yes...

    I failed trig. in my senior year and i felt my like crap..but then i thought to myself...IM TAKING TRIGONOMETRY!

    most people dont take physics, its is a really hard class.

    my friend took it and she had to work her *** off everyday, but if she needed any help i was there.

    Find some good friends or classmates that you can trust and can help you out. That way you dont need a tutor.


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    If this counts, I failed graphic design for like 1 day because I had missing assignments, but I turned those in ASAP

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    I didn't fail any classes.

    Personally I liked physics, had a little trouble with history because I didn't like studying for it but passed.

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    what kind of bs is this man "normal people" so ur saying people who fail classes arent normal dude what u need to do is change classes!!THEN!! get physics when u are ready! ☺☻§☺☻§☺☻§☺☻

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    if its in the career field you wanna get into once you're older....or it will help you get into the college/university you your *** off....ask your teacher for help...ask someone in your class for help....ask!ask!ask! look up some tutorials on the internet...they might help...ask your parents or it over and over..think about it..if u still don't get it...then transfer into another class if you can.

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