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how to take care of piles problem?

my friend is suffering from piles problem, external, starting stage...

how to take care.... what are the food he can have to reduce the pain and irritation... recomend the diet

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    1. Always use vegetarian food.

    2. Avoid fast food or Fried food.

    3. Ensure use of high residue diet i.e. salad, green vegetables etc citrous fruits like lemon, orange, guava etc.

    4. In casa of constipation, use laxatives.

    5. Drink sufficient water whenever needed.

    6. Do not sit for a long time in one spell.

    7. Avoid spicy food.

    8. Go to toilet in the morning and evening in order to keep the bowl well evacuated.

    9. Avoid stress and strain.

    10. Walk approximately 5 killow meters daily.

    11. Do other exercises if possible.

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    Piles usually occur due to severe constipation. So the first step is to avoid constipation or get rid of it, if one already has it. Take plenty of water and other fluids in the form of juices, soups etc. Take food with plenty of fibre, like whole grain, beans, broccoli, apple, pears etc. If constipation is severe, you can take 'Livoluk' - Lactulose Solution USP, which is available in any medical store. The dosage is 6 tsp (30 ml) in half a glass of water, taken half an hour before breakfast, on the first day, and thereafter, reduce the dosage to 3 tsp (15 ml). Once the constipation is got rid of, the piles will heal in most cases. If it persists, consult a doc. All the best.

    Source(s): From a doctor friend
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    more cereals in diet... wheat, pulses, cereals,

    more friuts esp bananas, apples,

    cut down on meat, chicken, beef or such non vegetarian foods.

    diet depends on which country you live in and what are food culture is followed. It is so much different worldwide.

    with all this one has to start medication PILEX Tablets from Himalaya Pharmaceuticals. Many people have benefited from it. It is a herbal medicine.

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