how to repair dns error?

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    1 decade ago
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    try flushing your DNS cache. press start, run and type CMD, once that opens type this and press enter

    ipconfig /flushdns

  • Start> Control Panel> Network Connections> Choose the device that connects you> right click it> then choose Repair. Hopefully, that will do cause that also repairs the DNS I think. Also if you have the tiny icon on the sidetray that looks like 2 small computers, you can right click that and choose Repair.

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    DNS error appears in case of Static IP cases only and Proxy settings. You need help of Network administrator of your office LAN, or log complaint with ISP service provider.

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    DNS servers are usually maintained by your ISP. If they are having troubles, you can hard code different DNS servers by editing your connection.

    Otherwise, wait for the ISP to fix the problem

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    How To Repair Dns

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    if you have right dns number than go to setting than go to internet option and than goto security, there you change your dns

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    change it in your network connection settings

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    1 decade ago

    check your firewall

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