Speeding Ticket, Do i have a chance in a appeal?

ok well let me explain what happened,

I was at work driving down this long road which the speed limit was 60 changes to 40 then back to 60 again, i had a delivery down this road and the place has one drive for a entrance and another drive further down the road for a exit when i came out the exit instead of turning right like i normally do to do the next delivery i turned left because i had a new delivery that night, I believed the speed limit was the same as it was when i came off the road which was 60 i wasn't sure but i did't see any signs to make me think it was not, there was no street lights and no road signs so i was getting my speed up to 60 when suddenly all of a sudden around this corner just down the hill on left was a speed camera I made sure I was doing under 60, I didn't see the camera till last second, it flashed me then further down a road I saw the road speed limit sign saying 40. I was well annoyed still am, I went back next day to see if there was signs. but the only sign that says speed camera's and speed limit back down to 40 was on the right of the exit that i came out of, I turned Left so there's NO way i would have seen that!!


it caught me doing 53 on a 40 zone. it was like 3-4 am in morning.

it was not a built up area

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    The best thing to do is call the courts where your ticket came from and ask them since they are the source for all the laws and regulations in that area. Also see if they will allow you to take a traffic school class. If so that would help you to avoid your insurance going up and a point on your license. I just took a court approved On Line traffic school class with http://www.ticketrelief.com./ Very fast and cheap. Just make sure the courts give you the green light to take the class and that its court approved.

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    You may have a technical defence but you would need a motoring lawyer to argue the case. In the UK there are very specific rules about signing of speed limits and if the Highway Authority has broken one then that is grounds for a defence. You mention 'drive' so presumably this is a private exit rather than a public highway. You also say there was no street lighting so there have to be 'repeater' signs at regular intervals showing the legal limit. This applies whatever the limit, including 30 mph. A motorist is entitled to know what the legal limit is when they enter a road from a side junction either by posted signs or, as one contributor has said, by the provision of street lighting where, if doubt exists you assume it is 30 mph. Unfortunately private accesses are not considered as junctions.

    The big danger is that you can rack up huge costs in a defence which may ultimately fail.

    Source(s): Highway engineer having dealt with speed limits for over 30 years.
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    Certain types of roads have set speed limits which you should be aware of as a licenced driver. For example, unless stated otherwise the speed limit on a motorway is 70. A dual carriageway "A" road it is 60 etc etc.

    By the sound of it you turned off a 60 limit road and should have known that the road you turned onto was a 40 limit. Probably a single lane in each direction road with no barrier. Therefore, unless you see signs saying otherwise the speed limit is 40. In central Urban areas it would be 30

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    Depend on the city, state etc..

    You should able to appeal but in those case you would need a Lawyer to back you up, cause over 20 speed limit is danger, depend on the locaiton and time that factor it, also just because there's no sign that time not necessary in your side. Because go over 60 only usually apply to highway, if is regular street anyone know 60 is definite not safe.

    If is your first time, you should able to just go to traffic school and the ticket would remove, if you fight for it, you lose it will be your record.

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    I used to go down a road every week in my travels to the West Coast, and one day I was stopped by the Police who told me I was doing 45miles an hour in a 30ml zone. I asked the Policeman where the sign was as it was not a built up area, and he said down the road. Well I got the AA to go and check it and they could not find one and told me that it was not right . I contested the fine and got a letter of apology, but a week later they had put a new sign up.

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    You don't have a leg to stand on! Every driver should know the basic rule that, if you can't see any speed limit signs, you assume the limit is thirty - no matter what type of road.

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    in case you acquire one appealed, stable for you. Do what the different individual says. additionally, is the officer practice. Is the radar calibrated and modern. while became the final time the officer became experienced. We there yet another vehicle interior the area that regarded reminiscent of yours. Did the cop get the incorrect vehicle? have been there potential traces or hills that would desire to intervene along with his readings and supply a faux analyzing? became there a much bigger slower vehicle in front of the cop that would desire to of bounced back an incorrect analyzing. Did you're saying something to the cop to incriminate your self. became the law enforcement officers communication with you recorded? Ask for the law enforcement officers notes and a replica of the recording. are you able to pay attention different vehicles interior the recording? Does the cop's reminiscence tournament what you pay attention on the tape. became this in simple terms the cop guessing your velocity? Did he %. you along with his motor vehicle and is his motor vehicle calibrated to %. (stick to somebody)? One time i became with my boyfriend and the cop reported we've been going 76mph in a fifty 5. That became no longer actual. We have been going 64mph. there have been different vehicles. We have been in a black Chevy blazer and a black jeep had in simple terms exceeded up. The cop gave us a value ticket for ging seventy 4, a smash, yet no longer probable simply by fact we weren't going 74mph. The cop reported in court docket there have been no different vehicles, no hills,no potential traces: all have been there. final analysis, the decide enable my husband do an cyber web making use of direction for $20 and brushed off the value ticket. That became a effective decide yet he believed the cop, who probable in simple terms wrote a lot of tickets he won't be able to recollect one motor vehicle from yet another. i think of faster or later if sufficient human beings bypass in front of particular judges, the decide will quickly decide in line with threat the cop is in simple terms writing tickets to write down tickets to look stable as in "Officer such and such wrote 3 hundred tickets this month. He works so stressful." yet quite, some law enforcement officers write everybody and do make blunders. Say a cop writes one thousand tickets in a 300 and sixty 5 days; in spite of if ninety 9.5% are actual, meaning 5 human beings don't have gained tickets. no person is perferct. have self assurance me law enforcement officers make blunders. stable good fortune.

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    Did you get a ticket yet? If you get one, make sure you plead not guilty. Explain and bring in pictures that there were no signs until after you got clocked. Usually the Judge will give you a lesser penalty just for pleading not guilty, but he should definitely let you off the hook if you explain your story and show evidence. Good luck with that.

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    were there street lights, buildings and pavements

    then as a rule its 30 mph

    read the highway code

    so saying you did not see the sign wont wash


    your nicked fair and square

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    If you are thinking of giving the same incoherent explanation to a court

    as the one you have cobbled together on YA, don't bother, your

    best chance, just pay the fine and accept the points.

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