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How to change the default google page from igoogle to google?

I changed the default google page from google to igoogle. I doesnt like it .so how to change back to the normal google page ( not iggogle) if i give the google page.

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    for IE

    open your IE, go to TOOLS--> INTERNET OPTIONS --> There change your home page to


    Open your MOZILLA, go to TOOLS--> OPTIONS (Main) there change it to

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    Go the top right corner of your screen where there's a search box. On my computer, I've got a picture of a magnifying glass. If you go next to the magnifying glass, or whatever you've got, click on the downfacing arrow next to it. It'll say Live Search (Default) and under that Bing. Go down to More Search Providers and click Google. Then check when you're done to see if it says Live Search (Default) Google.

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    go back n set your hom page to

    ie - tools - internet options- general -home page.

    even i didnt like igoogle much... even i did the same recently

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    If you are using Firefox then go to tools menu after that select option from these sub menu then a new tab will be open then enter in the homepage and select show my homepage in drop down menu. then click ok.

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    just set the url: in the place of then always igoogle appear when ever you explore the IE...

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    change the home page it will be

    change it to

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