Confused about all the new gadgets out there – can someone help me out?

I feel so ancient about all the newer high-tech devices/services out there. Is there a website that describes what newer technology is out there or can someone please spare a few minutes to inform me of all the gadgets & services pertaining to: music, tv, etc. Even if you could tell me about 1 gadget or service I would be grateful.

I’m curious about Ipods but haven’t learned more about them. Can you use them to get free music? What are an ipod’s advantages? How about one’s experience w/ video recording equipment like DVRs, or I’ve heard there’s a TV tuner you can buy & record from your pc. ?

BTW, I’m not an old person, just one who has lived w/ older technology & just want to be sure I’m not really missing out on anything spectacular. I’m usually not interested in monthly subscription services, like cable TV or Tivo.

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    1 decade ago
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    Hmm..Very general question i must say :). Here is what i can do for you. I'm going to list down a few websites. i hope they help you out.

    or just search for whatever draws your curiosity.

  • 1 decade ago

    well you ask about. iPods and they aren't all that difficult to use. But if you have to download something it can get extremely hard but only if you dont know what your doing. But I would think with the iPod your not missing out on anything to major. The iPod touches suck because there pixels die quick I've already had one and I'm in need of a newer one it I just got my new one a month ago. So I recomend for you not to get the latest technology because there are always going to be bugs in the systems so try and stick with older technology. I would if I could.

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