What should be an awareness campaign strategyfor either senior citizen or illiterate people on first aid?

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DUH!! Illiterate people can't read, and seniors don't much care!!
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  • inspire answered 6 years ago
    well that's an interesting thought... are you with some organisation to have organized such a thing??? i'd like to know....

    anyway... first of all they must be given tips on how to not get panicked and to keep emergency nos in huge letters in almost all corners and most used places in homes so that they can get them from anywhere in times of emergency and do not need to rush for spectacles or diary for it.....

    second they should be given pre conditions of conditions like heart attack or high blood pressure so that they can understand the trouble before it gets fatal and call help in time....
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  • allatsea answered 6 years ago
    I think you need to reword your question. It appears you are looking for a strategy for senior citizens (we so don't need one) or a strategy for illiterate people on first aid. Strategy is a huge word to be bandying about and I'm not sure this is the place to look for an answer.
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