which direction does the earth rotates? which way does the cloud always "go"?

which direction does the earth rotate? west to east, east to west. it's weird to say because there is two ways from west to east, and two ways from east to west. so here's another question to help me think better.

which direction does the cloud always go? does it go the opposite to where the earth rotates or same like following earth? well i know that the earth is tilted 23 and a half degrees on its axis. i just wanna know these things so that i can tell which direction i am going without using a compass because i don't have XD.

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    The Earth rotates to the east. This is why the sun rises in the east and New York is three hours ahead of Los Angeles. If you are above the North Pole looking down, the Earth will appear to rotate counterclockwise.

    On a large scale, the wind tends to blow to the west (look up "trade winds"), so the high-altitude clouds move in this direction, too.

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    Direction Earth Rotates

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    Earth Rotation Direction

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    Earth's rotation is the rotation of the solid Earth around its own axis. The Earth rotates towards the east, which can be observed by orientation with a magnetic compass at sunrise. As viewed from the star Polaris, the Earth turns counter-clockwise.

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    See if you can find an Earth globe. Spin it gently, so that it rotates from west to east. That is the way the Earth rotates.

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    The earth rotates from east to west but clouds can travel in any direction depending on weather patterns.

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    It is a fact that the earth rotates counter-clockwise. The only planet that does not rotate in this same fashion is Venus, and this is thought to be the result of an impact with a large object that inhibited it's "original counter-clockwise" rotation.

    In the case of clouds, my 'guess' is that clouds "go" against each other, in that they only "go" where the wind dictates. Since there are 'northerly' and 'southerly' winds (due to the tilt of the earth's axis thus forming the seasons of the earth as we know them today), their blustery "push" will go "against" each other. Now fro that point they could go any number of different directions. I suggest checking with a meteorology website for details:



    Click on the left-side links titled, "Clouds", "More Clouds", and "Still More Clouds"..

    Also (based on no immediate study but on my own knowledge from past experience, and watching "The Simpsons"), the northern and southern hemispheres each have their own magnetic traits that can cause, for example, water in a toilet to spin in one direction in one hemisphere and the opposite in the other. One could summize that the direction of flow is the same when standing at thier respective "north or south poles" because of how they are viewing it. Why this would not be the same with winds, I would have no idea.

    An example of this as proof is in the question asked by another person on Yahoo! Answers:


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    it dont rotate its stoped by the govt

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