Class 10th Maths

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hey guys i'm a high school student want to get some help frm u..... I'VE GOT A PROJECT TO MAKE ON THE "APPLICATIONS OF TRIGONOMETRY IN OUR DAILY LIFE-A MODEL AND REPORT" what shud i more
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  • Ruchi answered 6 years ago
I am also in class 10 I.C.S.E. my syllabus there is a lesson "Heights and Distance"based on Trigonometry.
So..according to me u can make a model of a tower or tree and a man standing at some distance like 20m etc.
from tower and take angle of elevation eg 45 degree and using tangent and information provided above u can find height of tower....


my personal knowledge

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its quite helpful in getting started
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  • srisharan007 answered 6 years ago
    try a clinometer to measure heights and distances....i got my marks by making wiki for CLINOMETER
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  • anish g answered 6 years ago
    I am in 10 class C.B.S.E.

    if you want a model and use.

    it is useful to measure heights of buildings,trees etc.

    so you can draw a building and show.

    if you want the diagram send a email to my address(

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  • deostroll answered 6 years ago
    trignometry is extensively used for surveying. In ships for navigation, to find the distance from to the destination, etc. Manufacturing of lens and optical instruments, etc.
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  • boy answered 6 years ago
    learn online....
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