Is anyone afraid to meditate?

Please, don't make me regret asking this question.... ugh...Please, serious answers only.... I become very uncomfortable when I try to meditate. I feel concerned that I will go too deep. I have meditated a few times, but it's never been a fully relaxing, cleansing sensation. It's always been sort of half a s s ed...

How do I calm down and meditate properly without feeling I might fall into another dimension or something...??

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  • zhao z
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    1 decade ago
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    You have no fear if you know how exactly to meditate.


    Maximum benefits from meditation can only be derived if one is continually mindful of the need to practise:

     Inward mind cultivation

     Walk the path of moral ethics using signposts, precepts and safeguards

     Self-examination and repentance of transgressions

     Outward mind cultivation

     Develop kindness, compassionate, sincerity and love to all beings

     Perform charitable and kind deeds

    Through meditation, we recover our original pure and blissful nature.

     Basically, meditation deals with the mind.

     We can choose to control the mind or let it control us.

     When mind is in control of us, we become hazy, lacking in focus, directionless, dictating by our physical senses and indulging in past thoughts, desires and emotions.

     When we are in control of the mind, our True Self or Higher Mind dictates and becomes aware on our own inner being and existence. It channels our spiritual essence to the right path. We become focused, sublimed and penetrating.

     During meditation, we control the mind by being aware of our thoughts and letting them go. It is never a process to control the emerging of thoughts. Controlling by preventing them from emerging will make it worse.

     Rising thoughts are malady and Awareness is the remedy.

    How do we become aware of thoughts in our mind during meditation? How do we let them go?


     breath naturally (it slows down as our body maintains stillness)

     stay physically and mentally balance and equilibrium

     maintain perfect stillness and absolute silence

     reverse* our mind (sight and hearing) to our inner true centre and rest therein

    *We initiate the reversion by resting our consciousness in our principal chakra, centre of our brain, between eye brow. We release it slowly when thoughts fade and revert to it when thoughts arise. We must be constantly alert over our thinking activities. Note: We do not sleep during meditation. Do not meditate if we are very tire.

     As our awareness tell us not to cling or attach to these thoughts each time they arise, the emerging thoughts will lessen and our Higher Mind becomes free and we will gradually lessen our worldly desires, emotions and attachments.

     Adjustment of Sitting Posture:

     Sit upright on a square stool, body straight but not stiff, legs down (not crossed-legs), palms of hands on the knee caps.

     Position the head upright, not bending forward nor tilt backward. Eyes to take reference from a distant object to ensure the correct upright position of the crown.

     Tip of tongue lightly touches the upper palate of the mouth (inside root of the front teeth)

     The entire body should be upright and relax.

     Locate a clean and quiet room or hall. Well ventilated. Your Meditation stool (about 1 foot height by 1’ 2” square) should be stable.

     Gargle your mouth.

     Ensure sitting posture is upright (see previous slide). Loosen all attires and remove any jewellery and watches. Shut off your mobile phone or use it as timer.

     Focus a distant object and slowly draw your sights to the tip of the nose, eyes half-closed. As your attention draws inwards, gently close the eyes.

     Relax every part of your body. Feel the relaxation in your legs, arms, shoulder and the neck. Minor adjustment, if needed.

     Breathe normally. If thoughts beginning to creep in, aware and listen to the breathing a couple of cycles. The breathing should slow.

     Focus your attention inwards centrally initially at the between of the eye brow (principal chakra). Feel the equilibrium of your body and mind. Let go the attention and let your mind stay unattached. Revert your attentation to your gentle breathing.

     Whenever thoughts creep in, revert to the principal chakra and breathing and let the thoughts pass. They will disappear.

     Release and relax. Aware and let go.

     The mind purification process is similar to natural cleansing function inside our body – contraction and relaxation. That is how the heart functions. That is how the muscle works. That is how most parts in the body functions. So is meditation.

    Source(s): COPYRIGHT @ The World Red Swastika Society, Zhao Z No portion of the above text can be reproduced without the permission of the author. Email:
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    You aren't going to go anywhere. Don't worry. Relax enjoy the experience. If it bothers you that much I don't think its the best thing for you to do. Apparently you have to many fears and haven't worked through them yet. You can't meditate until you are ready, it's not like eating something you are not sure about but are afraid of inwardly.

    What is the point of your desire to meditate? Is there a purpose? If not then wait ^_^.

  • COA
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    1 decade ago

    Good question on your part. I have gone too far and opened doors which were scary. Self-hypnosis can fall into the same realm. Be careful and know what you're doing. Make sure to give yourself an out.

    It is safe for me to travel where I want when I only allow positive energy to enter my being and then let it surround me with a protective shield. Seriously, there is much to be achieved with meditation, but one needs to be cautious.

  • 1 decade ago

    Do not force anything in to your life,including meditation ,as you know of it .

    Meditation is NEVER A DOING, it is a happening.

    Living in the NOW is what meditation is all about. If you feel sleepy ,better sleep than forcing in to any other. Naturalness is Meditation in it's proper sense

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You cannot fall into another dimension. There is nothing to fear about meditation. It will in no way open up a portal to somewhere else, change your personality, or harm you in any way.

    Just relax and meditate away!

  • 1 decade ago

    Just concentrate on something that you think of as the most calm place or thing. Don't worry about falling into another dimension. You'll be fine.

  • 1 decade ago

    Tried meditation. I get more out of the nap I take after having sex.

  • 1 decade ago

    Just go with it. It's a relaxing experience. I used to do it all the time and have been wanting to get back into doing it. Have fun.

  • 1 decade ago

    Not believing in anything I just sit,

    listening to my breathing

    After thirty years

    It still goes in and out.

    Source(s): -Haiku
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I usually get a really long song with really really deep lyrics and play it over and over to meditate.

    Tool usually has some good songs.

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